London- 29th September 2010- Locayta, one of the leading providers of online merchandising and site search solutions, has made its Enterprise-level search software available on the iOS platform as a Beta release for iOS software developers to incorporate within their iOS apps.

Locayta Search, which is currently deployed on some of the UK’s largest search sites and on more than one hundred online retail and publishing sites, provides the foundation for a successful mobile edition of the search engine for the iOS platform. Its intelligent architecture enables fast, accurate full-text search and retrieval on a local device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Locayta Search Mobile comes with many intelligent capabilities including; word-stemming, automatic spell correction, Boolean operators, field weighting, sorting, filtering, synonyms, facet generation, stop words, ‘more like this’, threshold cut-offs and Locayta’s unique Balance Factor technology.

Locayta’s Balance Factor allows search results to be skewed by other metrics such as popularity rather than just pure text relevancy, enabling the app developer to control the sequencing of search results within their apps, to boost certain items to the top of the search results list where required.

Because Locayta Search Mobile enables data to be written, indexed and searched locally to the device, it has already started to attract interest from software app developers, where the app is anticipated to be used in environments where an internet connection is not available or cannot be guaranteed.

Locayta are providing the Locayta Search Mobile software library to iOS software developers from their website The software library is available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Andre Brown, CEO, Locayta explains, “The iPhone and iPad have changed the way publishers present their data and how consumers receive it. Locayta Search Mobile offers online publishers a competitive advantage by providing a complete search engine library- not just a web service, to better serve their customer search queries and overall online shopping experience”.

Locayta Search Mobile is now available as a free download for development. Please visit: For commercial use of Locayta Search Mobile terms and conditions apply. Please contact: Andre Brown,

About Locayta
Locayta is one of the leading online merchandising and onsite search solution providers, serving more than one hundred customers in the USA, Europe and Asia. Locayta enables eCommerce businesses to take total control over their online sales performance with the most advanced behavioural and search driven merchandising technology available, Locayta ESP TM. Locayta ESP is a highly configurable, real-time merchandising platform that is easy to integrate with eCommerce sites.

Uniquely, Locayta ESP covers the complete range of merchandising disciplines on a single platform, providing a dynamic, robust and scalable merchandising solution that delivers increased online revenue and reduced costs.
Locayta has offices in the UK and the USA.


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