Twitter used last week’s Ad:Tech conference in London to announce the launch of its latest update to its long awaited promoted tweets function launched earlier this year as reported on Techcrunch.

Twitter product manager, Shiva Rajaraman, confirmed that promoted tweets will now allow advertisers to not only purchase search terms and keywords to increase chances of appearing at the top of Twitter search results, but will also allow them to serve promoted tweets based on the people and brands that Twitter users are following, in a similar vain to the targeted advertising on Facebook.

This new tactic to generate revenue is still in the design stage and is yet to be presented to brands and advertisers but will no doubt be seen as an enticing proposition given Twitter’s rise to the forefront of the social media landscape.

It is an interesting move by Twitter, one which is no doubt built on the company’s need to find revenue streams in any way it can and one that will be of great interest to advertisers given the vast number of people that engage using the microblogging site.

Only time will tell how successful the new marketing and advertising plan will be and how long it will be before people start complaining about advertising laden content on their Twitter homepage. It is something that has been predicted for a long time and should coincide with the launch of the new Twitter interface design.

As an innocent bystander so to speak, it will be interesting to see how this one develops…

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