Hot on the heels of the news that Marks & Spencer’s mobile-optimised website has received 1.2 million unique visitors since its launch in May 2010, the retailer has announced it is launching a new customer service tool for its ecommerce site.

A new Smart FAQ function on the My M&S site will allow customers to find answers to common questions written in typical language, using what online software company, Transversal, describes as self-service technology.

The system understands information presented in a number of different formats and will automatically serve appropriate and time sensitive information without the use of human interaction.

All questions submitted by customers will be stored and analysed by Transversal, helping the retailer to continually update and improve the site in line with customer needs.

The new technology will also enable M&S to actively promote key messages and announcements using a contextual advertising engine based on customers’ interests. It will be interesting to see if other retailers adopt a similar approach.

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