Karen Millen announced last week it is launching a range of SMS-based gift vouchers in association with Eagle Eye Solutions. The patented technology enables customers to redeem vouchers in-store by inputting the unique code, sent to their phones, into the retailer’s standard EPOS and Chip & PIN systems.

Customers will be able to purchase the vouchers online via a specially designed Transactional Micro Portal within Karen Millen’s website in values of 10 pounds to 300 pounds. The move follows that of the retailer’s sister company, Oasis, who found that SMS vouchers outsold paper and plastic vouchers online by a factor of three to one.

The end-to-end voucher solution provides Karen Millen with the micro portal, where customers can purchase the vouchers, all the way through the transactional chain to a Point of Sale redemption, using technology from BT Expedite. The backend of the system gives the retailer transactional real-time data and reporting in addition to the existing financial auditing systems.

Although not a unique and original concept, it is one that seems well timed with the festive season almost upon us and one that definitely appears to be becoming more and more prevalent with the development of new technology.

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