Tesco has been named as the supermarket with the most negative online opinions in the latest Kaizo Advocacy Index.

The survey, which analyses comments made online about various companies found Waitrose to the top supermarket with an index score of 52 per cent, while Tesco scored a paltry minus four per cent.

The PR agency created and calculated the index by Google searching companies across a range of industries and scoring all independent comments relating to these companies as positive, neutral or negative.

Negative comments about Tesco involved local opposition to planning applications with many feeling that it is the supermarket that puts profit before custom.

Grocers fared relatively well in the survey, with Morrisons scoring 44 per cent, Asda scoring 35 per cent and Sainsbury’s receiving a score of 20 per cent.

Supermarkets were included in the report for the first time and its analysis revealed that overall customers are generally happy with the level of service they are receiving.

The full index can be found here.

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