Hot on the heels of Marks and Spencer and John Lewis launching mobile websites, Debenhams has released a mobile commerce iPhone app, as a result of a high volume of visits to the main site from iPhone users.

The app includes a barcode scanner, the first of its kind from a high street retailer, which the developers hope should make the app useful for researching products and prices on the go.

The homepage offers links to the various shopping options, a store finder tool and the afore mentioned barcode scanner.

Initial reviews suggest that the functionality is granular enough to allow customers to browse the app to a manageable number of products, at which point customers can narrow their search by size, colour, price and brand.

A full review of the new site, highlighting the many plusses and areas that require work can be found on the Econsultancy site .

For the discerning iPhone user it would appear that Debenhams has taken a step in the right direction and offered a fully functioning app as opposed to some of its competitors who have chosen to offer a mobile version of the site.

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