A recent YouGov survey has found that three in five UK consumers think online targeting is poorly targeted and often out of context and lacking in relevance.

The research found that only a quarter of ads were considered relevant to the respondents, with many people finding that brands are wasting money on poor campaigns that do not connect with the desired audiences.

Just over half of those surveyed stated that they would choose targeted ads over a comprehensive approach if it meant there would be less of them; while 20% said that they never trust any ad displayed on a site they had never visited before regardless of whether the ad was targeted or not.

Attitudes were fairly similar across the UK, with respondents in Wales and Northern England sharing the opinion that they would not trust ads on sites they were visiting for the first time. Consumers in London were the least likely to trust an ad from a site they did not know.

The research is pretty clear that targeted ads are often misplaced, often out of context and most of the time not relevant.

It is becoming more and more evident that there is too much emphasis placed by advertisers on using targeted ads to reach their intended market, the chance to target larger groups of people and cast a wider net is very appealing but it certainly lacks the human touch that we expect in every other walk of life, so why should this be any different online?

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