Research carried out by YouTube has found more than 40% of social network users like competitor brands on sites like Facebook.

The survey, supported by the Internet Advertising Bureau, examined the way in which consumers users YouTube and Facebook, and found that 41% of people ‘like’ multiple brands even if they are in direct competition, while 53% share content from competing brands on YouTube.

The report also revealed that more than 60% of people who ‘like’ or share content from brands on social networks aren’t even consumers of the brand. 75% of people said that they felt more positive about a brand or product if they have shared content from it.

Respondents also have different opinions on the validity of having a presence on social networks, with just under 50% saying it was a good idea, 36% said they were neutral and 18% said it was a bad idea.

The research also found that despite Facebook and YouTube being popular sites, only one third of respondents used both.

The majority of people saw both sites as ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’, with Facebook also being described as ‘social’ and YouTube as ‘interesting’.

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