A number of marketing tools and methods  exist that can help improve profits, but few are  more important than one person recommending your product and beginning the cycle of product recommendation, which can bring about new customers and continued custom from existing consumers.

Product recommendation on any ecommerce site can be one of the most powerful internet marketing tools that any retailer can adopt, with online conversion rates dramatically increased.

Once a customer trusts you, there is no doubt that in time they will trust your recommendations. Recommending products can be highly effective but must be done in the correct way.

Customers never want to hear to only hear about the positives in a product, some things can often appear to be too good to be true so it is important to highlight aspects of a product which can be improved; in doing this, credibility will be increased and trust will grow.

When recommending, there are a number of things that must be considered, most importantly, you are the expert so make sure that the customer believes this; people will always trust someone they believe to be an expert.

Never recommend for the sake of recommending and certainly don’t recommend everything and anything, your credibility will suffer greatly if you are recommending too many products, particularly if you are recommending similar or competing products and services.

In addition to the thoughts and hints above, possibly the most pertinent tip would be too actually try out the product you are considering recommending. By doing so, the other areas should follow as you will be giving an honest appraisal of the product, will become an expert on what you are recommending and will gain credibility and trust from customers and consumers alike.

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