Social commerce is set to take the retail technology market by storm in 2011, according to Ovum’s latest report published earlier this month.

The independent technology analyst has predicted that social commerce will be the biggest story of next year, with an increase of m-commerce and a move towards shopping via television.

Shopping shaped by social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is predicted to finally start to be considered a serious avenue for retailers in 2011, with the industry set to dismiss the initial scepticism over its potential.

Christine Bardwell, retail technology analyst at Ovum said ” Contrary to the current waves of cynicism in the UK retail sector, 2011 will be the year when social commerce will really take off”.

” In the UK, the leading retail brands have been slow to adopt a strategy for social commerce and the success stories have been few and far between. However, it offers good sales potential in 2011 and will be the big story in retail technology. It definitely should not be disregarded as a fad”.

2010 has seen an huge increase in the number of retail services delivered via mobile phones and Ovum expects this trend to continue and for m-commerce to become standard practice across the industry in 2011.

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