Earlier this month in New York, Google launched boutiques.com, its latest e-tail venture combining celebrity and fashion.

A virtual shopping centre full of individual stores, but with the benefits of search engine technology attached, it allows people to look for clothes by genre, silhouette, pattern, size and shape. Customers will, the creators have said, be able to run their own personalised boutiques by drawing up lists of their preferences, following celebrities and designers, and by teaming up with “taste-makers”.

The search engine giant has said that the site will be aimed at 13- to 34- year olds and will predominantly include high-end designers as it looks to rival eBay and Amazon.

The site’s creators have said it is a commercial attempt to create a kind of order for women who feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice they are given both on the high street and by the average fashion e-tailer.

For those unsure about creating a style unique to them, boutiques.com will offer recommendations and match up outfits. It will also remember your likes and dislikes and try to get a measure of taste.

Features on the site include filters as well as visual searches, which analyse the photograph of a clothing item and then return similar items. Consumers can also pull up outfit ideas to the right of search results, and can complete a look by using style rules, which suggests items to match.

Google is by no means alone in the internet fashion retail market, with Asos expected to launch Asos Marketplace expected to launch before Christmas. The new site will allow people to sell their own designs or their secondhand clothes alongside big retail names.

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