Monday 29 November 2010 is predicted to be the busiest day of online shopping in 2010, as shoppers attempt to beat the Christmas rush.

Kelkoo’s study has predicted that £22.4m will be spent every hour on that date, totalling £537m overall. Households in the UK are expected to spend almost a quarter (22%) of their entire Christmas budgets online, with Internet sales predicted to rise by 29% compared to Christmas 2009.

The report, prepared by the Centre for Retail Research, forecasts UK household spending for Christmas 2010 and also includes comparisons with other European countries including France, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands.

Offline shopping is expected to reach its peak on Saturday 18 December, with 10 million shoppers predicted to hit the high street and spend an estimated £1.11 billion.  The average UK household will spend £673.56, 28% higher than the average European household spend of £528.13, while more than half (62%) of all spending will be on gifts.

Richard Stables, CEO of Kelkoo, said of the research “Online retailers can see sales rise by up to 60% in the six weeks running up to Christmas compared to the rest of the year, and at no time is this more evident than on Manic Monday, when online sales are forecast to peak at £22.4 million per hour.”

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