Ebay.co.uk has revealed that sales increased by 18 per cent year-on-year on Sunday 5th December, the busiest day of the year according to the retailer.

Almost 1.4 million goods were bought on ‘Super Sunday’, the equivalent of 17 gifts being purchased every second as more than 5 million consumers visited the site.

The recent cold snap which has affected most if not all of the UK, meant internet sales have continued to rise, with internationally sales also performing well, 11 per cent more than last year.

The biggest selling items on the site were DVDs, followed closely by women’s shoes and CDs, with various clothing, shoes and accessories completing the top ten items purchased.

Jody Forward, Director of eBay UK, said of the day “ The festive spirit has well and truly arrived!

“ Online shopping continues to go from strength to strength as people look for choice and value form the comfort of their own homes and it’s encouraging to see sales up so considerably, despite the tough economic climate”.

Ford added “ We tend to see a sharp rise in sales on the first Sunday in December as people start to think about their Christmas shopping list, although this year’s cold snap has clearly led to even more people choosing to shop without the hassle of the high street”.

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