The weather may be playing havoc with the UK retail industry in the run up to Christmas but it may not be for long as January sales predictions should instil a new found confidence for the new year.

Research commissioned by Kelkoo and carried out by the Centre for Retail Research infers that UK consumers will spend around £22.5bn during the January sales, at an average of £370 per person.

The prediction represents a £360m increase compared to the same period this year and is expected to be the lat “big spend” before consumers rein in their spending during the rest of the year.

Many companies have already started their sales periods  in an attempt to keep people spending in the snowy weather and boost end-of-year revenue.

Chris Simpson, Marketing Director for Kelkoo, said “ This January sales period could be likened to the calm before the storm for the UK retail industry, as retailers should see an average boost in spending of 1.6% on last year’s figures”.

“The success, or otherwise, of the January sales depends not only on what customers want and what they are prepared to pay, but also on retailers’ success during the Christmas period”.

B&Q is one company to start their sales early, with products being reduced form 17 December, in the hope that people will bring their big ticket purchases forward to beat the VAT rise.

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