The recent snowfall has caused the retail supply chain pipeline to freeze up, creating problems from distribution centre to delivery level, Andrew Sharkey, Delivery Director, IMRG has revealed.

Internet retailers have struggled to meet demand, with many online purchases not expected to arrive in time for Christmas Day.

Retailers and delivery firms are working to rectify the problems particularly given the importance of the time of year.

Starkey commented, “ If deliveries can’t be made because of the weather, the depots fill up and when they can’t take any more, parcels have to be kept on the trailers that brought them across the country.

“This leaves all the delivery companies short of capacity to collect and move new orders.

“The result is that the whole pipeline starts to seize up with a knock-on effect to parts of the country that otherwise don’t seem to have been hit too badly by the weather.

“ It’s understandable that shoppers in these areas will find this frustrating, but without vehicles available in the right places to move parcels, they simply can’t be delivered”.

Despite the many problems the weather has caused, the online retail industry is expected to have a bumper festive season; with sales estimates highlighting continued year-on-year growth.

James Roper, CEO of IMRG, said “ December 2010 remains on track to be the biggest online shopping month in the UK with a predicted £6.4 billion spent online, and more than a quarter of a billion parcels successfully delivered”.

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