The British Retail Consortium has said that the planned walk out of tube workers on Boxing Day could have a major impact on London’s shops.

With the news that drivers walking out in a dispute over pay, the BRC says what they are calling one of the biggest shopping days of the year could be hit hard.

Director General, Stephen Robertson said that due to the severe weather and student protests of recent weeks, retailers in London desperately need a strong start to the sales.

Mr Robertson commented, “ This could be a major blow for London’s retailers and their customers on what’s now one of their most important days of the year.”

He also said that up to 38,000 jobs could be directly dependent on the success of the retailer sector in the capital.

He continued by saying that retailers faced a difficult 2011 with the rise in VAT and the public sector cuts taking affect.

He added, “Everyone involved in the Tube drivers’ dispute needs to recognise the importance of London retailing and the damage disruption on this scale will cause”.

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