A record number of consumers are using mobile phones to access retail websites, research from ForSee Result has found.

Just under one third (32%) of consumers have used their mobile phone to view store sites, while the same number (32%) intend to use their mobile phones to access retail websites in the future.

A total of 8% of web shoppers said they had made purchases using their phones during the Christmas period, compared to just 2% over the same period in 2009.

Kevin Ertell, Vice President of retail strategy at ForSee Result, said retailers not developing mobile platforms and apps risk losing market share to competitors. He added, “They cannot afford to ignore or even neglect the mobile experience and assume it won’t hurt their traditional online or in-store businesses.”

The research also found that shoppers highly satisfied with their mobile experience are 32% more likely to buy from that retailer online and 31% more likely to buy offline.

Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForSee Results, said consumer expectations are being set by the best websites and the best mobile experiences, adding “They aren’t going to have a lot of patience for excuses about the challenges that mobile shopping presents when it comes to design and usability.”

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