eCommerce platforms, through which people can buy goods and services, will dominate the retail business in 2011, and expert has claimed.

Paul Marshall, chief executive of pre-shopping website Lasoo, believes that shops that do not ramp up their online sales capabilities will lose out.

He commented “The next step is eCommerce and with significant growth in online commerce, both here and offshore, the brick and mortar retailers who don’t have an eCommerce play have been losing market share.”

Mr Marshall also predicted that that number of transactions via mobile websites using mobile handsets will continue to grow. He added that companies, such as his own, need to continue to be accessible at all times and on any platform, to suit the customer.

The comments made by Mr Marshall were supported by a number of other retail experts, with James Stewart, a retail specialist at insolvency firm Ferrier Hodgson, saying that high street shops will come under increasing pressure in the coming years as online sales make up a larger proportion of the marketplace.

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