, the online underwear retailer, has added dynamic delivery options to their website, including drop boxes, through their MetaPack home delivery service.

Andrew Miles, supply chain manager,, said “We are committed to providing our customers with an excellent delivery service and a range of delivery options to make shopping with us easier. In choosing MetaPack we are open to easily add a number of carriers and services without the need of further integration and have chosen ByBox owing to its unique proposition.”

The web retailer has created a simple interface that connects their front-end to the MetaPack application, which feeds real-time information to be made available at the checkout page without any time lapse. The webservice calls are based on the postcode of the consumer, which determines which delivery options and ByBox locations will be offered.

Customers can select next day delivery through ByBox and nominate the nearest locker collection point during the checkout process. Fulfilled orders are collected from the warehouse at 5pm, trunked and delivered overnight to designated locker locations from Truro to Inverness and most towns in between.

Email alerts are then sent to the consumer to let them know their goods are in the locker and a code is issued to enable them to collect their items. With up to two days to retrieve their packages, consumers know their items are safe and secure until they are able to pick them up.

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