Social media interactions are a primary influence for just 3% of visitors to e-retail websites in the UK, research by ForeSee Results has found.

Key findings of the report:

  • Familiarity with the site, company or brand is the most common influencer of a website visit (46% of site visitors). This highly influential group of visitors are also the most satisfied (75 on a 100-point scale), most likely to purchase (75) and most likely to recommend (76)
  • The least satisfied customers (64) are those who have visited a retailer’s site after receiving a message directly from the company on a social network

The findings indicated that more traditional marketing techniques are better drivers to retailers’ web sites, with SEO results influencing 13% and direct email campaigns influencing 10%.

Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForeSee Results, commented “Every retailer should know how many customers are influenced by promotional emails, advertising on Facebook or word-of-mouth recommendations, and furthermore, they should know which group are most likely to buy.

“They should also know how people want to hear from them and how well they’re doing when it comes to communicating through those channels. Serious thought needs to be given to finding out whether social media is worth the investment for their business, and then if the answer is yes, they need to make the most of it by making sure that interactions on social media meet the needs and expectations of customers. Otherwise, the effort is wasted and could even be detrimental to the business.”

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