Online auction site has been voted the number one brand in terms of social media reputation according to a new survey by social media specialist agency, Yomega.

The Social Brands Index, found that very few retailers made it into the top 50.

The Index was constructed by measuring the level of ‘noise’ being made about each brand online, how recently comments were made and whether they are of a positive or negative nature.

Steve Richards, Managing Director of Yomega, said “There are some real surprises in the brand index. Brands that people are talking about online are not always the top value brands. Harley-Davidso, for example, has some of the most loyal fans online, ranking it at number 30 in the top 50 social brands.

“On the other hand, there are some brands that you might expect to be doing better. Smirnoff does some fantastic social media work but it is really inconsistent, which means it ranks lower than it could in the top 50 list.”

Other retailers to make the top 50 included Burberry (31), Zara (41) and Ikea (43) but the study seems to show that other companies in the sector need to work much harder to enhance their reputations through social media.

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