High street retailers Dune and HMV have become the latest companies to launch retail platforms using Facebook.

Both companies have launched Facebooks stores to try and connect with customers where they are spending most of the their time online, following in the footsteps of other big name brands such as ASOS, Best Buy, French Connection and Interflora.

Although neither store allows customers to buy products directly on the Facebook platform, users can browse for their favourite products and add to a shopping basket, then directed to the brand sites for payment – both companies have said they plan to introduce payments from the platform in the future.

Rob Bostock, head of ecommerce, Dune Group, said the retailer was seeing good conversion rates following the launch, with clicks to purchase consistently above four per cent.

“We haven’t pushed it yet because we want our customers to discover it themselves, but it’s converting really well already,” he said. “If we find customers continue to want to shop this way, we’ll move towards transactions within Facebook.”

HMV is currently using the store to showcase the most popular items on sale and not its entire back catalogue or ticket sales.

Matt Potter, online content manager, HMC, said it’s performing well after just three weeks, but he wasn’t yet persuaded enough to add the full product range. “It’s not huge but were seeing t work already,” he said. “For big-ticket events, the most important place to announce is via Facebook, but we link back to the site because they go so quickly. We don’t want to give our Facebook followers a worse experience.”

Best Buy is one of the bigger players on Facebook, but has already said it is looking at ways to integrate social media with its own ecommerce site.

In March 2011, the retailer launched a dedicated Monster Beats by Dr Dre shop on bestbuy.co.uk, which integrates user comments with content, and lets users click to buy from the rapper’s headphone range.

Given the recent poor footfall on the high street and with retail sales rates dropping at their fastest in six years, it seems logical that many retailers are looking for alternate revenue streams and are continually looking to find where potential customers are.

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