Topshop has announced it is this week launching the “Topshop Secret Store”, a concept store that will be open in the Oxford Circus and New York Store’s for two weeks from Thursday 26th May.

The shop will feature a mixture of designer collaborations and designs unique to Topshop and offers customers the chance to own exclusive items.

Secretly hidden in TopShop Oxford Circus and New York, shoppers will find what appears to be a florist, within the florist there will be a door which leads to the secret shop. Once inside the store shoppers will find pieces on sale from designers including Nasir Mazhar, Meadham Kirchhoff, Emma Cook, Ann-Sofie Back and Pamela Love amongst others.

The shop is believed to be the first of its kind and will only be open for two weeks from the 26th, with a limited number of pieces also available on line. Although not the first to set up a concept store, Topshop have certainly taken things to a new level, with many previous creations by other retailers “popping-up” in different locations and at events but never within an existing retailers own store.

Madelaine Evans, Head of Buying at Topshop, said: “We’re thrilled to be the first high street store to introduce a pop-up concept space of this nature. It’s an exciting project for Topshop and I hope it will surprise and delight customers both old and new.”

She continued “It’s a great opportunity for the designers we collaborate with to produce something unusual that they’ve not done before, and also a chance for our in-house design team to let their imaginations run riot.”

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