With the increased usage and rapid growth of activities like shopping for clothes and groceries on mobile phones it was only a matter of time before consumers began asking retailers for more from their m-commerce offerings.

A recent study by eDigital Research has found that although many retailers, such as e-retail fashion specialist Asos.com and Marks & Spencer are considered cutting edge and are held in high regard for their mobile sites, there is an increasing amount of pressure on retailers to meet higher consumer expectations when it comes to technology.

The top score in the m-commerce benchmark study, achieved by Asos, fell by three per cent to 85.7% compared to an initial survey carried out in 2010.

Some companies only offering click and collect services and limited product lines available via their mobile sites were considered to be missing out on potential revenue streams.

Mobile phone giants Carphone Warehouse and O2 have reported in recent months that sales have been driven by the popularity of smartphones and the eDigital Research study certainly supported these claims.

More than half of those surveyed now own a smart phone, with just over one third (35%) of people already using their handsets to shop online and a further 18% planning on doing so in the near future.

The top five companies to come out of the survey were Asos, M&S, Play.com, Amazon and House of Fraser; with all of them being commended for the new features developed to support the mobile platforms and provide an improved online shopping experience.

Derek Eccleston, Research Director at eDigital Research, said: “We are witnessing the dawn of Me-commerce, where the consumer now holds the power in the palm of their hands to dictate to retailers when, where and how they want to shop.

“As more and more people begin to use their smart phones to shop and browse online, it is crucial that retailers begin to operate in their customers’ spaces, developing mobile sites and investing in mobile strategies as consumer behaviour continues to evolve.”

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