Hot on the heels of House of Fraser revealing earlier this year that sales and profit growth in 2010/11 was largely a result of the expansion of their internet operations; the retailer has announced that it is looking to improve its search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

As part of this, the retailer has appointed a search agency, Greenlight, to help devise a plan and implement new initiatives in search marketing.

The agency will work hand in hand with House of Fraser’s in-house digital marketing team and social media agency to develop an integrated SEO and social media strategy.

The increased focus on its online proposition lead to the retailer’s multichannel trade grew by 130 per cent when compared to 2009/10.

This success has bolstered the company’s resolve and paved the way for it to investigate increasing the web visibility for its clothing range, boosting customer engagement and improving online service and retention levels by improving the overall online customer experience.

Andy Harding, Director of E-commerce at House of Fraser, said: “We have selected Greenlight as our search partner – the agency has a proven track record of delivering successes in our sector.

“It has demonstrated the best understanding of our vision and values. We believe Greenlight has the right balance of technical and creative skills to help maximise House of Fraser’s search ranking listings.”

House of Fraser has placed great emphasis on its multichannel offerings in 2011, with this move following on from the appointment of Forsee Results earlier this year, to source survey and social media data from customers that use their website.

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