Online auction giant Ebay has announced that it sells one car every five minutes via mobile handsets, and processes one transaction every second globally via its mobile services.

This revelation places the auction site on track to meet its projected revenue stream for mobile of over $4bn in 2011.

Cars and other motor vehicles have proved so popular within Ebay’s mobile audience that in May 2011, it released a US mobile app dedicated to trading automotive items, called eBay Motors iPhone.

“The number of six-figure price, exotic cars being sold on mobile is unbelievable,” according to Steve Yankovich, VP of mobile at Ebay.

The online team has team up with mobile specialist planning and buying agency Amobee to help drive downloads of its apps across multiple platforms.

Yankovich told the delegates of the Open Mobile Summit earlier this month that Ebay was planning on launching a number of additional services.

These are said to include incorporating a visual search service, augmented reality features and QR codes into its range of apps as part of trials to gauge the full extent of consumer demand for m-commerce.

Recent research by mobile app developer Kony found that 60% of consumers use their mobile phones to purchase items, yet only 16% of retailers taking part in the survey had m-commerce strategies.

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