Express newspapers has introduced a personalised recommendation engine across four of its stable after reducing its single-page visits, or bounce rate, by more than 50%.

The publisher has introduced content recommendation systems by Outbrain across its OK!, Daily Star, New Magazine and Star Magazine websites.

The decision was made following a trial with which reduced single-page visits by 5% and boosted page impressions and dwell time, according to Farzad Jamal, the group internet controller at Express newspapers.

The publisher is also generating revenue by serving Express links to articles on other sites, which other Outbrain clients pay to distribute on a cost-per-click basis.

Jamal said, “It’s generating more traffic across each site. A user would come and look at the one article, but now, because there are links that they’re interested in, not what we think is relevant, it’s giving them a route to continue reading on the site. Or if they do leave, we could still get a share of revenue share.”

Jamal continued by saying that the two biggest issues online publishers face is ensuring content is easily discovered and that users are correctly engaged.

“Particularly with news sites, once users had their fill they’ll continue surfing or go back to work. We’re at least trying to retain some of that traffic by making it easier for them to stay on the site,” he added.

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