Good Site Search can be the different between a website being a thriving online business and a business struggling to make ends meet.  Many websites are poorly developed in the way in which their site search works, much to the detriment of the business… it almost begs the questions; why have great products on your site if it is nigh on impossible to find them…. worryingly, this is the case for many sites that are poorly served by their clunky in-site search functionality.

The desperation for a business to set up a online platform or point of sale often means that many run before they can work. Having a well developed Site Search functionality can help many businesses move to the next level… not only in terms of bringing more customers to the site and allowing them to find what they are looking for but also by creating additional revenue opportunities through merchandising activities.

Recently, one Locayta ESP client that began displaying ads on search results pages for searches into a specific product or product line boosted their online sales by a staggering 44%; it can be done, its just very important to make sure that you are doing things correctly and not creating your own obstacles.

When it comes to Site Search it really is the little things that make all the difference. For starters, it is vital that you make sure your search engine is not driving customers away because of failed searches. A customer should never find that mis spelling or mis typing search terms leads them to failed searches and zero results… to many customers this can be as simple as them thinking that you don’t have sophisticated enough technology, or worse, that you don’t have the product that they are looking for.

Search software and products should be agile and able to learn from a users shopping experience, providing customers with intelligent navigation, predictive type-ahead, and a semblance of balance, allowing retailers to adjust search results based on margins of popularity, location, new products and stock availability.

Whatever your website looks like, if you are hoping to make it a successful online business it is vital that  you direct your customers to the correct products, quickly and accurately; ensuring that you are improving customer satisfaction and ultimately improve click-through rates.

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