Andre Brown, CEO of Locayta, discusses optimising site search for ecommerce sites with Locayta Search.

Locayta provides the site search on some of the UK’s largest ecommerce sites with Locayta’s search engine, Locayta Search.  At Locayta, we are passionate about Search and are convinced that most  ecommerce sites are poorly served by their site search functionality.  Locayta Search is specifically optimised for finding products on your site and is fully integrated into the Locayta  ESP merchandising platform.

Locayta Search learns from what customers are searching for as well as providing sophisticated features such as: intelligent navigation; predictive type-ahead and Locayta’s unique Balance Factor technology; which allows retailers to adjust search results based on metrics such as margin, popularity, newness to site and stock availability. Configuration settings are editable via a Control Panel, giving retailers complete control over the behaviour of Locayta Search on their sites.

Locayta Search connects customers to the right products, quickly and accurately, increasing customer satisfaction and site click- through rates.

Locayta Search is available within the Locayta ESP merchandising platform, which also includes product recommendations, visual merchandising and a whole host of other online merchandising functionality. For more information, visit: