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iPhone applications have revolutionised the way in which people shop. These days, customers can complete transactions whilst on the move – helping them to save precious time and leading to greater user satisfaction.

Locayta M-commerce uses the iPhone platform to help retailers extend their reach quickly and easily, without altering their original site. With Locayta M-commerce, your users can browse products during their commute, add items to their basket whilst relaxing in the park or check out from the beach – the possibilities are endless.

So why is Locayta M-commerce the only serious mobile shopping app available? Our application is:

A quick and cost effective way to extend online presence

Locayta M-commerce allows online retailers to reach a wider audience and increase their sales channels, without breaking the bank. The app is ideal for those who are looking for a quick and effective way to extend their reach without making costly and time-consuming adjustments to their eCommerce site.

Easy to implement

You’ll be glad to know that the Locayta M-commerce application is very quick and easy to implement, and won’t affect the running of your main site. Using a unique and innovative web-service, Locayta M-commerce is able to store and index product data completely independently from the retailer’s eCommerce site – meaning that no changes to the original site are required. An M-commerce app which supports all the merchandising functionalities of Locayta SRM, without any added hassle? It’s a bit of a no-brainer, really.

Highly configurable and customisable

As with all Locayta SRM features, the M-commerce app can be easily customised and configured to help you and your customers get the most out of it. The application supports a wide range of different templates and landing pages, so that you can provide mobile customers with the same standard of experience as you would those using a desktop computer.
The settings for Locayta M-commerce can be edited via a control panel, allowing certain parameters to be adjusted – including which products are to form part of the app’s own catalogue.

Easy for customers to use

Locayta M-commerce is a click-to-buy solution that allows customers to shop the way they want to, no matter where they are. Using the innovative application, consumers can search for products, add products to a wish-list, add or remove items from a checkout basket and even check out via the checkout page of the original retail site.

Think it could be time for your business to go mobile? Learn more about this superior M-commerce solution at

Don’t let your retail site suffer from poor merchandising strategy. Worried about conversion rates or losing sleep over revenue? Locayta SRM combines Site Search with Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising to provide three powerful solutions in one.

Want to learn more? Here’s a brief guide to how Locayta SRM could help to improve your online business:

Site Search

If your customers are finding it difficult to locate the products they are interested in on your site, then the chances are that your search engine is not up to scratch. Many search providers only operate very basic mechanisms – resulting in failed searches, frustrated customers and loss of potential revenue.

Locayta SRM uses sophisticated technology to provide an efficient solution to clients’ search problems. Just some of the impressive features of Locayta Site Search are:

With this powerful method of site search installed, you can expect to see optimised sales figures for your online business. One Locayta client experienced an impressive 300% increase in conversion rate after implementing our site search strategy.

Want to learn more about Locayta Site Search? Read our post on optimising site search for eCommerce, or view our site search demo.

Product Recommendations

Did you know that adding real-time product recommendations to your site could help to boost sales by up to 45%? Product recommendations expose customers to products which are relevant to them, but which they may not otherwise have come across on the site. This encourages the user to make a purchase, both on this particular occasion and in the future – increasing conversion rates and boosting revenue.

Locayta Product Recommendations have the advantage of:

  • Being flexible and easy to use
  • Adjusting themselves in real-time
  • Responding to individual and collective user activity


Interested in discovering more? Read our article on the best product recommendation technology for online retail, or have a look at our behavioural merchandising demo.

Visual Merchandising

Even if you are confident that the quality of your products speaks for itself, it is important to present your goods or services in the most eye-catching way possible. The best online retail sites are those that make good use of visual merchandising techniques to engage customers. Just altering the way in which you display products on your site could have a profound impact on your conversion rate and sales.

Locayta Visual Merchandising incorporates a variety of different functionalities to help improve the presentation of eCommerce sites. Here are some of the components that could solve your sales problems:


You can read more in our post on the best practice for visual merchandising. There is also a visual merchandising demo on the Locayta SRM website.

By combining competent site search methods with powerful product recommendations and enticing visual merchandising, you can be sure to improve your eCommerce business. For a platform that handles all three expertly and efficiently, visit

Want to grow your online sales? Read on to find out what makes Locayta Product Recommendation the best technology of its kind, and how this superior solution could benefit your business.

I’m looking to increase my conversion rates

All good eCommerce businesses know that whilst high numbers of product views are a positive thing, it’s conversion rates that really matter. If you are looking to dramatically increase your conversion rates and boost your online revenue, Locayta Product Recommendations could be exactly what you need.

Locayata SRM recommends products that have been selected to appeal to each individual user – thus increasing the likelihood of the customer purchasing from the site. Efficient product recommendations are also part of a successful long-term strategy, as happy customers are likely to keep returning – leading to a sustained increase in revenue.

I want product recommendations that reflect customer behaviour and product relationships

Locayta Recommendations use cross-sell and up-sell techniques to make recommendations based on user behaviour and the relationships between particular products. Adjusting to reflect any change in the way a customer uses the site, these recommendations can be made at any point during the shopping experience, from home page to check out.

An example of Locayta Product Recommendations in action can be seen at Boohoo use our impressive technology to provide customers with:

–          The ability to browse products they have recently viewed

–          Recommendations based on the behaviour of other users with a similar site journey

–          Recommendations based on latest trends and the expertise of Boohoo’s stylists

The result? Satisfied customers who are more likely to make additional purchases in the future.

I want my site’s product recommendations to be shown in real-time

Then you’ve come to the right place. Locayta Product Recommendations are updated in real time, making them extremely effective at engaging customer interest. The recommendations functionality processes actions whilst the customer shops – taking particular note of activities such as viewing, adding to the basket and purchasing. This allows the customer to be instantly presented with products that may interest them, helping to improve the overall retail experience.

 I’m looking for product recommendation technology that is flexible and easy to use

It’s all very well investing in powerful product recommendation technology, but if it’s difficult to use it can prove counter-productive. Luckily, using Locayta Recommendations couldn’t be easier. Once Locayta SRM’s algorithms have been configured, they update automatically to reflect activity on the site.

Like to run your business with a very hands-on approach? The easy to use Locayta SRM control panel can be used at any time to access and amend algorithms, making it an impressively flexible solution.

Like what you’ve read so far? Find out more about Locayta Product Recommendations, in addition to Locayta Site Search and Locayta Visual Merchandising, at

Could spelling errors be holding your retail business back? Online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe certainly thinks so. According to Duncombe, UK-based internet businesses are losing millions of pounds in revenue as a result of bad spelling – a fact that shouldn’t be ignored.

Worried about how spelling could affect your business? Duncombe suggests that many eCommerce sites suffer from poor spelling or grammar, ultimately deterring consumers. A single spelling mistake can cause users to question a site’s credibility – leading to a dramatic loss of revenue. In a case study featuring, figures for revenue per person doubled once an error was corrected – proving that good spelling really can make all the difference.

Professor Dutton, director of the Oxford Internet Institue, said, ‘When a consumer might be wary of spam or phishing efforts, a misspelt word could be a killer issue’.

Whilst spelling errors in a site’s content can kill sales, it is also important to consider the implications of user mistakes. Many online retail businesses suffer from inadequate site search systems that are unable to compensate for consumer errors. On such sites, a spelling mistake in a search term often leads to a failed search – resulting in an unimpressed customer and a loss of revenue.

Don’t want spelling errors and typos to kill sales on your site? Locayta Search has the solution:

Powerful spell-checking

Locayta Site Search operates a superior system of spell-checking that prevents failed searches, helping to increase conversion rates. This accurate spell-checking functionality employs sophisticated algorithms to correct any misspelling, mistyping or misunderstanding that would typically be missed by a dictionary-based spell checker.

Unlike most spell-checking systems, Locayta Search’s is able to help a consumer to find the product they are looking for, even when they have mistyped the first letter of the word. Locayta Search always aims to provide a result for product searches, rather than returning a zero result.
Businesses using Locayta Search can expect to see fewer frustrated customers, higher conversion rates and increased revenue – all marks of a successful eCommerce site. Examples of businesses using Locayta Search to maximise sales include Boohoo, Tesco, Superdry and the British Museum Store.

Intelligent auto-complete functionality

Locayta Search’s impressive auto-complete predictive search functionality helps customers to find what they are looking for faster, as well as minimising the chance of a failed search. As soon as a customer begins typing in a search box, Locayta Search is able to suggest likely product and search terms in a drop down list. This allows the customer to select what they are looking for from the list provided, rather than typing the rest of the search term themselves.

By eliminating the need for the customer to do much typing, the auto-complete function also reduces the likelihood of spelling errors. The result is a higher number of successful searches, leading to optimum conversion rates and improved customer loyalty.

Do you think that Locayta Search’s powerful search solutions could help you to maximise sales on your eCommerce site? Why not read more at

In retail, presentation is key. Your business may be offering customers unbeatable quality – but if you don’t present it in an engaging way, your users won’t be interested.

Visual merchandising is just as vital to maintaining a good eCommerce business as it is to succeeding in high street retail. Locayta Merchandising recognises this, and places emphasis on the importance of product display and page display. Our visual merchandising functionality helps to give clients a distinct edge over competitors, increasing conversion rates and encouraging customer loyalty.

It’s all very well attracting users to your site – it’s keeping them there that’s the hard part. Here are some elements of visual merchandising that can have an impressive impact on the revenue of your retail site:

Promotional banners

Promotional banners can help to attract a user’s attention and encourage them to explore the site further. Enticing offers displayed in an appealing way can prompt a customer to make a purchase they might otherwise not have done – improving conversion rates and boosting revenue.

Locayta Visual Merchandising reaches out to the customer with promotional page banners that are not only engaging, but useful to the individual user. Relevant banners are triggered by the user’s selection of a specific product category – making sure that offers and promotions are appropriate to that customer’s interests.

Customised home page and landing pages

Christmas, Easter and other holidays are important times of the year for online retailers. Want to give your site a seasonal feel to catch the eye of potential customers? Locayta Merchandising cleverly makes use of date triggers to display a different home page and landing pages according to the time of year. For an example of this technology in action, see our visual merchandising demo.

Product display

In addition to optimising your page display, Locayta Visual Merchandising uses balancing technology and brand adjacency to ensure successful product display. You can read more about this functionality in our blog post on visual merchandising practices.

Interested in learning more about how Locayta SRM could help improve your business? Visit for demos and further details.

Locayta Search powers the online site search of some of the UK’s largest eCommerce sites, including Tesco and popular fashion retailer Boohoo. By providing a fast and efficient method of site search, Locayta Search helps these businesses to increase conversion rates, reduce clicks to purchase and improve customer satisfaction – ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Impressed by the performance of these websites and wondering what you can do to optimise site search for your own business? Locayta Search has the answers:

How do I make my site easy to navigate?

If a retail site is difficult to navigate, it can make the shopping experience stressful for the customer. Locayta Site Search helps to make site navigation simple, so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Adding  Locayta Search’s guided navigation framework to your site allows users to refine their search by certain criteria. By narrowing their search according to colour, brand or size (for example), the customer can avoid sifting through pages of irrelevant products. The result? A highly personalised shopping experience that puts an end to user fatigue and encourages customer loyalty.

How do I prevent failed searches?

Many businesses suffer from poor search functionality that is unable to cope with the realities of user behaviour. In a perfect world, we’d all be adept at typing – but in real life, internet users regularly make errors. Locayta Search uses a powerful spell-checking system to handle mistyped entries – even succeeding in locating a product when the first letter is typed incorrectly.

Locayta Search also uses auto-complete predictive search to help minimise errors and reduce the likelihood of failed searches.

Can I control search results?

Yes! It is possible to actively control the sequencing of search results according to certain metrics. Locayta Search uses specially developed balancing technology to help retailers promote the products and services that are important to them. Our easy to use system enables you to sequence search results by criteria such as popularity, profit margin, newness to site and stock availability.

Good businesses respond pragmatically to customer behaviour. Know that your site is viewed by different types of people at different times of the day? Use Locayta’s Search’s balancing technology to help you target these markets accordingly.

To learn more about how Locayta Search can help to optimise site search on your eCommerce site, visit

It’s all very well attracting users to your retail site, but that’s only half the challenge. When it comes to sales, many businesses struggle to achieve optimum conversion rates. Locayta SRM provides a variety of different tools to help you convert clicks into purchases – improving efficiency and leading to an increase in revenue.

Here are some simple but effective ways to boost your conversion rates:

Site search

A website that is difficult to use makes the shopping experience a chore and ultimately deters users from making a purchase. An efficient search solution such as Locayta Site Search makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for, reducing the chance of user fatigue. Locayta’s guided navigation framework, sophisticated spell-checking system and auto-complete predictive search all help to minimise the chance of failed searches – reducing the likelihood of users abandoning the site before purchase.

Locayta Site Search’s sophisticated mechanisms can even distinguish between premium buyers and value shoppers, producing search results that are suitable for each. One Locayta SRM client who implemented this strategy saw a 300% increase in conversion rate – a pretty impressive result.

Product recommendations

Relevant product recommendations displayed in real-time can help to increase sales by as much as 45%. There are two types of product recommendation:

  •     Behavioural recommendations – product recommendations based on the collective experience of other users who made a similar journey on the site
  •     Metrics driven recommendations – recommendations that direct users to certain products based on factors such as popularity or availability.

To read more about the benefits of adding product recommendations to your eCommerce site, read our in depth product recommendation blog post.

Visual merchandising

Just as an enticing shop display encourages customers to make a purchase, Locayta Visual Merchandising can be key to driving sales. From the display of promotional banners triggered by user activity, to tailored homepages – Locayta Visual Merchandising provides a variety of powerful and flexible techniques that help to increase conversion rates. Want to find out more? Read our detailed blog entry on good visual merchandising practices.

Behavioural retargeting

Did you know that as many as 98% visitors to a site may leave without making a purchase? Locayta uses behavioural retargeting to tailor recommendations to returning users who previously did not purchase products from the site. Using behavioural merchandising algorithms to review the behaviour of these users, Locayta Merchandsing approaches retargeting in a variety of ways, including:

  •     Sending users to the product description page they were viewing before they left
  •     Attracting interest through promotional offers, for example free postage
  •     Marketing alternative products

Locayta Shop Window

Locayta Shop Window  is a quick and cost-effective way of extending online reach and boosting conversion rates. This handy widget can be deployed in place of advertising on third party sites, and operates as a virtual store, allowing customers to:

  •     Browse and search the retailer’s product catalogue
  •     View product detail pages
  •     Add items to or remove items from wishlist
  •     Add items to or remove items from basket

Want to learn more about how Locayta Site Search, Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising could improve your business? Visit for further information and demos.

As all experienced retailers know, the key to a thriving sales business is not just having good products, but also knowing how to present them. Successful visual merchandising engages the customer through compelling displays and eye-catching promotions – tools that can be applied just as easily to eCommerce as to high street retail.

Unsure how you and your business should be approaching visual merchandising? We’re happy to provide some guidance:

Locayta Visual Merchandising

Locayta Merchandising provides online retailers with a powerful yet flexible way of handling product display. According to the preference of the individual retailer, Locayta’s visual merchandising functionality can be configured to be completely automatic or to work in conjunction with manual merchandising.

Page display

Using visual merchandising to drive the display of visual elements on your site can help to excite customers and draw them in, resulting in an improved conversion rate. A good example of simple visual merchandising in action is the display of promotional page banners, triggered by a user selecting a specific product category. This ensures that the visual display is not only engaging, but also relevant to the page that the customer is browsing.

Locayta Visual Merchandising can also be used to customise areas of your site according to certain requirements. For example, you may wish to display an eye-catching seasonal homepage triggered by date in order to optimise sales at Easter or Christmas.

Product display

You wouldn’t display products in a random order in a shop, so why leave them unorganised on your eCommerce site? Visual merchandising can be used to group products with other related items, making it easier to reach the customer.

•    Balance Factor – the Locayta Balance Factor allows retailers to sequence product display according to certain site metrics. Results can be weighted by factors such as popularity, profit margin or stock availability according to the category selected by the user. Configuration settings for the Balance Factor can be accessed and amended via the Locayta Visual Merchandising control panel, making it easy to use and giving the retailer plenty of flexibility.

•    Brand adjacency – it can be difficult to juggle the positioning of different brands on your site. Retailers who are required to manage a number of different brands can use Locayta’s Brand Adjacency functionality to keep products belonging to one brand together or ensure that certain brands are kept apart.

Want to discover more about how Locayta Visual Merchandising could help to boost your sales? Head over to the to view the visual merchandising demo.

The ease and speed with which well-equipped retail websites can be navigated gives them a distinct edge over the average high street shopping experience. In addition to search tools such as intelligent navigation and auto-complete predictive search, many successful online retailers employ a method of product recommendation to help users find what they are looking for more easily. The result? An increased conversion rate and happy customers who are more likely to remain loyal to the brand in the future.

Want to learn more about how this function could benefit you? Read on to discover why product recommendations could be the ideal solution for you and your online business.

How do product recommendations work?


Product recommendations are a form of behavioural merchandising that gathers information on individual and collective customer preferences to help generate examples of relevant products. Locayta Product Recommendations monitors customer behaviour and uses specially designed algorithms to present customers with product recommendations that are personal to them. This increases the likelihood of a customer purchasing from the site and helps to drive revenue.

Real-time recommendations

Recommendations updated and shown in real-time on retail sites have proven to be very effective at engaging customer interest and improving conversion rates. The dynamic Locayta Product Recommendations updates automatically, processing user actions such as viewing, adding to the basket and purchasing. This allows the customer to be presented with recommendations in real-time, helping them to find what they are interested in and improving satisfaction with the retail experience.


Locayta Product Recommendations uses cross-selling functionality to make recommendations based both on user behaviour and on the relationship between products. These recommendations adjust dynamically to reflect changes in the way that a customer uses the site and in the products themselves.

Cross-sell recommendations can be made to customers at any of the following stages of the shopping experience:

•    On the home page
•    On the search results page
•    On the product description page
•    After adding to basket
•    During check out


In addition to cross-sell recommendations, Locayta Product Recommendations implements up-sell techniques in response to user behaviour. Through tailored product recommendations, it is possible to recommend higher-value or higher-profit alternatives to responsive customers, helping to increase overall sales figures.

How can product recommendations benefit my site?

There is a clear link between product recommendations and an increase in conversion rates. Helping users to find relevant products quickly and efficiently improves the online retail experience and avoids customer fatigue. As a result, businesses using product recommendations can expect to see higher average order values and improved revenue.

How do I add product recommendations to my site?

Adding product recommendations to your site is simple – just let Locayta do the hard work for you. Once configured, Locayta Product Recommendations’ algorithms will update automatically in accordance with actions on the retail site. Configuration settings for the product recommendation algorithms can be accessed and amended at any time via the Locayta ESP control panel – giving you an easy and flexible way of managing recommendations on your site.

Want to find out more about Locayta Site Search’s innovative search solutions? Visit to discover what it’s all about.