The ease and speed with which well-equipped retail websites can be navigated gives them a distinct edge over the average high street shopping experience. In addition to search tools such as intelligent navigation and auto-complete predictive search, many successful online retailers employ a method of product recommendation to help users find what they are looking for more easily. The result? An increased conversion rate and happy customers who are more likely to remain loyal to the brand in the future.

Want to learn more about how this function could benefit you? Read on to discover why product recommendations could be the ideal solution for you and your online business.

How do product recommendations work?


Product recommendations are a form of behavioural merchandising that gathers information on individual and collective customer preferences to help generate examples of relevant products. Locayta Product Recommendations monitors customer behaviour and uses specially designed algorithms to present customers with product recommendations that are personal to them. This increases the likelihood of a customer purchasing from the site and helps to drive revenue.

Real-time recommendations

Recommendations updated and shown in real-time on retail sites have proven to be very effective at engaging customer interest and improving conversion rates. The dynamic Locayta Product Recommendations updates automatically, processing user actions such as viewing, adding to the basket and purchasing. This allows the customer to be presented with recommendations in real-time, helping them to find what they are interested in and improving satisfaction with the retail experience.


Locayta Product Recommendations uses cross-selling functionality to make recommendations based both on user behaviour and on the relationship between products. These recommendations adjust dynamically to reflect changes in the way that a customer uses the site and in the products themselves.

Cross-sell recommendations can be made to customers at any of the following stages of the shopping experience:

•    On the home page
•    On the search results page
•    On the product description page
•    After adding to basket
•    During check out


In addition to cross-sell recommendations, Locayta Product Recommendations implements up-sell techniques in response to user behaviour. Through tailored product recommendations, it is possible to recommend higher-value or higher-profit alternatives to responsive customers, helping to increase overall sales figures.

How can product recommendations benefit my site?

There is a clear link between product recommendations and an increase in conversion rates. Helping users to find relevant products quickly and efficiently improves the online retail experience and avoids customer fatigue. As a result, businesses using product recommendations can expect to see higher average order values and improved revenue.

How do I add product recommendations to my site?

Adding product recommendations to your site is simple – just let Locayta do the hard work for you. Once configured, Locayta Product Recommendations’ algorithms will update automatically in accordance with actions on the retail site. Configuration settings for the product recommendation algorithms can be accessed and amended at any time via the Locayta ESP control panel – giving you an easy and flexible way of managing recommendations on your site.

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