As all experienced retailers know, the key to a thriving sales business is not just having good products, but also knowing how to present them. Successful visual merchandising engages the customer through compelling displays and eye-catching promotions – tools that can be applied just as easily to eCommerce as to high street retail.

Unsure how you and your business should be approaching visual merchandising? We’re happy to provide some guidance:

Locayta Visual Merchandising

Locayta Merchandising provides online retailers with a powerful yet flexible way of handling product display. According to the preference of the individual retailer, Locayta’s visual merchandising functionality can be configured to be completely automatic or to work in conjunction with manual merchandising.

Page display

Using visual merchandising to drive the display of visual elements on your site can help to excite customers and draw them in, resulting in an improved conversion rate. A good example of simple visual merchandising in action is the display of promotional page banners, triggered by a user selecting a specific product category. This ensures that the visual display is not only engaging, but also relevant to the page that the customer is browsing.

Locayta Visual Merchandising can also be used to customise areas of your site according to certain requirements. For example, you may wish to display an eye-catching seasonal homepage triggered by date in order to optimise sales at Easter or Christmas.

Product display

You wouldn’t display products in a random order in a shop, so why leave them unorganised on your eCommerce site? Visual merchandising can be used to group products with other related items, making it easier to reach the customer.

•    Balance Factor – the Locayta Balance Factor allows retailers to sequence product display according to certain site metrics. Results can be weighted by factors such as popularity, profit margin or stock availability according to the category selected by the user. Configuration settings for the Balance Factor can be accessed and amended via the Locayta Visual Merchandising control panel, making it easy to use and giving the retailer plenty of flexibility.

•    Brand adjacency – it can be difficult to juggle the positioning of different brands on your site. Retailers who are required to manage a number of different brands can use Locayta’s Brand Adjacency functionality to keep products belonging to one brand together or ensure that certain brands are kept apart.

Want to discover more about how Locayta Visual Merchandising could help to boost your sales? Head over to the to view the visual merchandising demo.