It’s all very well attracting users to your retail site, but that’s only half the challenge. When it comes to sales, many businesses struggle to achieve optimum conversion rates. Locayta SRM provides a variety of different tools to help you convert clicks into purchases – improving efficiency and leading to an increase in revenue.

Here are some simple but effective ways to boost your conversion rates:

Site search

A website that is difficult to use makes the shopping experience a chore and ultimately deters users from making a purchase. An efficient search solution such as Locayta Site Search makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for, reducing the chance of user fatigue. Locayta’s guided navigation framework, sophisticated spell-checking system and auto-complete predictive search all help to minimise the chance of failed searches – reducing the likelihood of users abandoning the site before purchase.

Locayta Site Search’s sophisticated mechanisms can even distinguish between premium buyers and value shoppers, producing search results that are suitable for each. One Locayta SRM client who implemented this strategy saw a 300% increase in conversion rate – a pretty impressive result.

Product recommendations

Relevant product recommendations displayed in real-time can help to increase sales by as much as 45%. There are two types of product recommendation:

  •     Behavioural recommendations – product recommendations based on the collective experience of other users who made a similar journey on the site
  •     Metrics driven recommendations – recommendations that direct users to certain products based on factors such as popularity or availability.

To read more about the benefits of adding product recommendations to your eCommerce site, read our in depth product recommendation blog post.

Visual merchandising

Just as an enticing shop display encourages customers to make a purchase, Locayta Visual Merchandising can be key to driving sales. From the display of promotional banners triggered by user activity, to tailored homepages – Locayta Visual Merchandising provides a variety of powerful and flexible techniques that help to increase conversion rates. Want to find out more? Read our detailed blog entry on good visual merchandising practices.

Behavioural retargeting

Did you know that as many as 98% visitors to a site may leave without making a purchase? Locayta uses behavioural retargeting to tailor recommendations to returning users who previously did not purchase products from the site. Using behavioural merchandising algorithms to review the behaviour of these users, Locayta Merchandsing approaches retargeting in a variety of ways, including:

  •     Sending users to the product description page they were viewing before they left
  •     Attracting interest through promotional offers, for example free postage
  •     Marketing alternative products

Locayta Shop Window

Locayta Shop Window  is a quick and cost-effective way of extending online reach and boosting conversion rates. This handy widget can be deployed in place of advertising on third party sites, and operates as a virtual store, allowing customers to:

  •     Browse and search the retailer’s product catalogue
  •     View product detail pages
  •     Add items to or remove items from wishlist
  •     Add items to or remove items from basket

Want to learn more about how Locayta Site Search, Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising could improve your business? Visit for further information and demos.