Locayta Search powers the online site search of some of the UK’s largest eCommerce sites, including Tesco and popular fashion retailer Boohoo. By providing a fast and efficient method of site search, Locayta Search helps these businesses to increase conversion rates, reduce clicks to purchase and improve customer satisfaction – ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Impressed by the performance of these websites and wondering what you can do to optimise site search for your own business? Locayta Search has the answers:

How do I make my site easy to navigate?

If a retail site is difficult to navigate, it can make the shopping experience stressful for the customer. Locayta Site Search helps to make site navigation simple, so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Adding  Locayta Search’s guided navigation framework to your site allows users to refine their search by certain criteria. By narrowing their search according to colour, brand or size (for example), the customer can avoid sifting through pages of irrelevant products. The result? A highly personalised shopping experience that puts an end to user fatigue and encourages customer loyalty.

How do I prevent failed searches?

Many businesses suffer from poor search functionality that is unable to cope with the realities of user behaviour. In a perfect world, we’d all be adept at typing – but in real life, internet users regularly make errors. Locayta Search uses a powerful spell-checking system to handle mistyped entries – even succeeding in locating a product when the first letter is typed incorrectly.

Locayta Search also uses auto-complete predictive search to help minimise errors and reduce the likelihood of failed searches.

Can I control search results?

Yes! It is possible to actively control the sequencing of search results according to certain metrics. Locayta Search uses specially developed balancing technology to help retailers promote the products and services that are important to them. Our easy to use system enables you to sequence search results by criteria such as popularity, profit margin, newness to site and stock availability.

Good businesses respond pragmatically to customer behaviour. Know that your site is viewed by different types of people at different times of the day? Use Locayta’s Search’s balancing technology to help you target these markets accordingly.

To learn more about how Locayta Search can help to optimise site search on your eCommerce site, visit www.locayta.com.