In retail, presentation is key. Your business may be offering customers unbeatable quality – but if you don’t present it in an engaging way, your users won’t be interested.

Visual merchandising is just as vital to maintaining a good eCommerce business as it is to succeeding in high street retail. Locayta Merchandising recognises this, and places emphasis on the importance of product display and page display. Our visual merchandising functionality helps to give clients a distinct edge over competitors, increasing conversion rates and encouraging customer loyalty.

It’s all very well attracting users to your site – it’s keeping them there that’s the hard part. Here are some elements of visual merchandising that can have an impressive impact on the revenue of your retail site:

Promotional banners

Promotional banners can help to attract a user’s attention and encourage them to explore the site further. Enticing offers displayed in an appealing way can prompt a customer to make a purchase they might otherwise not have done – improving conversion rates and boosting revenue.

Locayta Visual Merchandising reaches out to the customer with promotional page banners that are not only engaging, but useful to the individual user. Relevant banners are triggered by the user’s selection of a specific product category – making sure that offers and promotions are appropriate to that customer’s interests.

Customised home page and landing pages

Christmas, Easter and other holidays are important times of the year for online retailers. Want to give your site a seasonal feel to catch the eye of potential customers? Locayta Merchandising cleverly makes use of date triggers to display a different home page and landing pages according to the time of year. For an example of this technology in action, see our visual merchandising demo.

Product display

In addition to optimising your page display, Locayta Visual Merchandising uses balancing technology and brand adjacency to ensure successful product display. You can read more about this functionality in our blog post on visual merchandising practices.

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