Could spelling errors be holding your retail business back? Online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe certainly thinks so. According to Duncombe, UK-based internet businesses are losing millions of pounds in revenue as a result of bad spelling – a fact that shouldn’t be ignored.

Worried about how spelling could affect your business? Duncombe suggests that many eCommerce sites suffer from poor spelling or grammar, ultimately deterring consumers. A single spelling mistake can cause users to question a site’s credibility – leading to a dramatic loss of revenue. In a case study featuring, figures for revenue per person doubled once an error was corrected – proving that good spelling really can make all the difference.

Professor Dutton, director of the Oxford Internet Institue, said, ‘When a consumer might be wary of spam or phishing efforts, a misspelt word could be a killer issue’.

Whilst spelling errors in a site’s content can kill sales, it is also important to consider the implications of user mistakes. Many online retail businesses suffer from inadequate site search systems that are unable to compensate for consumer errors. On such sites, a spelling mistake in a search term often leads to a failed search – resulting in an unimpressed customer and a loss of revenue.

Don’t want spelling errors and typos to kill sales on your site? Locayta Search has the solution:

Powerful spell-checking

Locayta Site Search operates a superior system of spell-checking that prevents failed searches, helping to increase conversion rates. This accurate spell-checking functionality employs sophisticated algorithms to correct any misspelling, mistyping or misunderstanding that would typically be missed by a dictionary-based spell checker.

Unlike most spell-checking systems, Locayta Search’s is able to help a consumer to find the product they are looking for, even when they have mistyped the first letter of the word. Locayta Search always aims to provide a result for product searches, rather than returning a zero result.
Businesses using Locayta Search can expect to see fewer frustrated customers, higher conversion rates and increased revenue – all marks of a successful eCommerce site. Examples of businesses using Locayta Search to maximise sales include Boohoo, Tesco, Superdry and the British Museum Store.

Intelligent auto-complete functionality

Locayta Search’s impressive auto-complete predictive search functionality helps customers to find what they are looking for faster, as well as minimising the chance of a failed search. As soon as a customer begins typing in a search box, Locayta Search is able to suggest likely product and search terms in a drop down list. This allows the customer to select what they are looking for from the list provided, rather than typing the rest of the search term themselves.

By eliminating the need for the customer to do much typing, the auto-complete function also reduces the likelihood of spelling errors. The result is a higher number of successful searches, leading to optimum conversion rates and improved customer loyalty.

Do you think that Locayta Search’s powerful search solutions could help you to maximise sales on your eCommerce site? Why not read more at