Want to grow your online sales? Read on to find out what makes Locayta Product Recommendation the best technology of its kind, and how this superior solution could benefit your business.

I’m looking to increase my conversion rates

All good eCommerce businesses know that whilst high numbers of product views are a positive thing, it’s conversion rates that really matter. If you are looking to dramatically increase your conversion rates and boost your online revenue, Locayta Product Recommendations could be exactly what you need.

Locayata SRM recommends products that have been selected to appeal to each individual user – thus increasing the likelihood of the customer purchasing from the site. Efficient product recommendations are also part of a successful long-term strategy, as happy customers are likely to keep returning – leading to a sustained increase in revenue.

I want product recommendations that reflect customer behaviour and product relationships

Locayta Recommendations use cross-sell and up-sell techniques to make recommendations based on user behaviour and the relationships between particular products. Adjusting to reflect any change in the way a customer uses the site, these recommendations can be made at any point during the shopping experience, from home page to check out.

An example of Locayta Product Recommendations in action can be seen at Boohoo.com. Boohoo use our impressive technology to provide customers with:

–          The ability to browse products they have recently viewed

–          Recommendations based on the behaviour of other users with a similar site journey

–          Recommendations based on latest trends and the expertise of Boohoo’s stylists

The result? Satisfied customers who are more likely to make additional purchases in the future.

I want my site’s product recommendations to be shown in real-time

Then you’ve come to the right place. Locayta Product Recommendations are updated in real time, making them extremely effective at engaging customer interest. The recommendations functionality processes actions whilst the customer shops – taking particular note of activities such as viewing, adding to the basket and purchasing. This allows the customer to be instantly presented with products that may interest them, helping to improve the overall retail experience.

 I’m looking for product recommendation technology that is flexible and easy to use

It’s all very well investing in powerful product recommendation technology, but if it’s difficult to use it can prove counter-productive. Luckily, using Locayta Recommendations couldn’t be easier. Once Locayta SRM’s algorithms have been configured, they update automatically to reflect activity on the site.

Like to run your business with a very hands-on approach? The easy to use Locayta SRM control panel can be used at any time to access and amend algorithms, making it an impressively flexible solution.

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