Don’t let your retail site suffer from poor merchandising strategy. Worried about conversion rates or losing sleep over revenue? Locayta SRM combines Site Search with Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising to provide three powerful solutions in one.

Want to learn more? Here’s a brief guide to how Locayta SRM could help to improve your online business:

Site Search

If your customers are finding it difficult to locate the products they are interested in on your site, then the chances are that your search engine is not up to scratch. Many search providers only operate very basic mechanisms – resulting in failed searches, frustrated customers and loss of potential revenue.

Locayta SRM uses sophisticated technology to provide an efficient solution to clients’ search problems. Just some of the impressive features of Locayta Site Search are:

With this powerful method of site search installed, you can expect to see optimised sales figures for your online business. One Locayta client experienced an impressive 300% increase in conversion rate after implementing our site search strategy.

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Product Recommendations

Did you know that adding real-time product recommendations to your site could help to boost sales by up to 45%? Product recommendations expose customers to products which are relevant to them, but which they may not otherwise have come across on the site. This encourages the user to make a purchase, both on this particular occasion and in the future – increasing conversion rates and boosting revenue.

Locayta Product Recommendations have the advantage of:

  • Being flexible and easy to use
  • Adjusting themselves in real-time
  • Responding to individual and collective user activity


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Visual Merchandising

Even if you are confident that the quality of your products speaks for itself, it is important to present your goods or services in the most eye-catching way possible. The best online retail sites are those that make good use of visual merchandising techniques to engage customers. Just altering the way in which you display products on your site could have a profound impact on your conversion rate and sales.

Locayta Visual Merchandising incorporates a variety of different functionalities to help improve the presentation of eCommerce sites. Here are some of the components that could solve your sales problems:


You can read more in our post on the best practice for visual merchandising. There is also a visual merchandising demo on the Locayta SRM website.

By combining competent site search methods with powerful product recommendations and enticing visual merchandising, you can be sure to improve your eCommerce business. For a platform that handles all three expertly and efficiently, visit