iPhone applications have revolutionised the way in which people shop. These days, customers can complete transactions whilst on the move – helping them to save precious time and leading to greater user satisfaction.

Locayta M-commerce uses the iPhone platform to help retailers extend their reach quickly and easily, without altering their original site. With Locayta M-commerce, your users can browse products during their commute, add items to their basket whilst relaxing in the park or check out from the beach – the possibilities are endless.

So why is Locayta M-commerce the only serious mobile shopping app available? Our application is:

A quick and cost effective way to extend online presence

Locayta M-commerce allows online retailers to reach a wider audience and increase their sales channels, without breaking the bank. The app is ideal for those who are looking for a quick and effective way to extend their reach without making costly and time-consuming adjustments to their eCommerce site.

Easy to implement

You’ll be glad to know that the Locayta M-commerce application is very quick and easy to implement, and won’t affect the running of your main site. Using a unique and innovative web-service, Locayta M-commerce is able to store and index product data completely independently from the retailer’s eCommerce site – meaning that no changes to the original site are required. An M-commerce app which supports all the merchandising functionalities of Locayta SRM, without any added hassle? It’s a bit of a no-brainer, really.

Highly configurable and customisable

As with all Locayta SRM features, the M-commerce app can be easily customised and configured to help you and your customers get the most out of it. The application supports a wide range of different templates and landing pages, so that you can provide mobile customers with the same standard of experience as you would those using a desktop computer.
The settings for Locayta M-commerce can be edited via a control panel, allowing certain parameters to be adjusted – including which products are to form part of the app’s own catalogue.

Easy for customers to use

Locayta M-commerce is a click-to-buy solution that allows customers to shop the way they want to, no matter where they are. Using the innovative application, consumers can search for products, add products to a wish-list, add or remove items from a checkout basket and even check out via the checkout page of the original retail site.

Think it could be time for your business to go mobile? Learn more about this superior M-commerce solution at www.locayta.com.