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Locayta SRM is used by a wide variety of eCommerce sites to drive sales and optimise revenue. We are proud to provide our clients, including Clothing at Tesco, with superior site search and merchandising solutions that help to increase conversion rates and improve overall site performance.

Is your business suffering from poor search and merchandising functionality? Read on to discover what you can learn from the strategies employed on the Tesco Clothing eCommerce site.

Sophisticated search

Locayta Search helps customers to find what they are looking for more easily, reducing the likelihood of failed searches and preventing user fatigue. Two of the features of Locayta Search which are particularly important for Clothing at Tesco are:

  • Spell correction – our sophisticated system of spell correction helps Tesco users to find what they are looking for, even if they have spelled or typed the search tem incorrectly. Using algorithms to help deduce what a customer actually meant to search for, our spell checker is superior to those which use a simple dictionary-based approach. Locayta Search always tries to return search results, no matter what the query – reducing the chance of a frustrating failed search.


  • Guided navigation – It can be tedious wading through vast numbers of products on an eCommerce site – which is why Tesco chose to use our intelligent guided navigation system in order to help customers speed up their search. By selecting from options such as size, price, colour and brand, users can narrow down their search and exclude irrelevant products. This helps to improve the shopping experience for the customer, and to increase conversion rates, benefitting the retailer.

Powerful product recommendations

Product recommendations are an important feature of any successful eCommerce site. Helping to increase the number of relevant products that a user is exposed to, product recommendations improve conversion rates and thus overall revenue.

Locayta Product Recommendations draw on information about collective and individual user behaviour to provide Tesco Clothing customers with recommendations in the following categories:

  • ‘You may also like…’


  • ‘Other customers bought’


  • Recently viewed

These recommendations introduce customers to products that they may not otherwise have searched for, encouraging purchase and boosting sales.

Eye-catching visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is key to engaging customers and holding their attention.  Locayta Visual Merchandising optimises page display and product display on the Clothing at Tesco website, ensuring that the site appeals visually to users.

Examples of Locayta Visual Merchandising in action can be seen on Clothing at Tesco’s customised homepage, and in the promotional banners that are displayed in various locations across the site.

Think your business could benefit from the technology used by Tesco? Visit for more intelligent solutions to your search and merchandising problems.

Locayta SRM has an impressive client list that features big names such as Tesco clothing, Nectar, the British Museum Store, and Superdry. In this post we will look at the technology powering the site search and merchandising  strategies on the FatFace eCommerce site.

Wondering how Locayta SRM helps FatFace to increase conversion rates, encourage customer loyalty and optimise sales? Here are some of the features that make the FatFace eCommerce site so successful:

Superior spell correction

Locayta SRM provides FatFace with sophisticated site search technology, reducing the likelihood of failed searches and helping customers to find what they are looking for more easily. One of the Locayta Search features that is key to driving sales on FatFace is spell correction.

Our powerful system of spell correction helps to connect users with the products they are searching for, regardless of spelling mistakes or typing errors. Using specially developed algorithms instead of a limited dictionary-based approach, our spell checker is able to redirect people to an appropriate page of search results – even when they make an error that would confuse most spell correction facilities. The result? Happy customers who don’t have to face the frustration caused by a failed search and are more likely both to make a purchase and to return to the site in future.

Product recommendations

Locayta Product Recommendations introduce FatFace users to relevant products that they might not otherwise have come across, increasing the likelihood of a purchase being made. These recommendations reflect both individual user behaviour and collective user behaviour, and are updated in real-time using algorithms for maximum efficiency. Product recommendations on FatFace take the form of:

  • ‘How about…’ suggestions
  • Recently viewed items


These recommendations encourage customers to interact with the site more, increasing conversion rates and ultimately improving online sales.

Visual merchandising

Good visual merchandising is often key to a successful retail business. Locayta Visual Merchandising helps FatFace to display page elements in a way that is appealing to customers, drawing users in and boosting revenue. One of the ways in which the FatFace eCommerce site attracts customers is through its homepage, which changes to reflect different offers at different times of the year.

Quick configuration and easy management

Using the Locayta SRM control panel, our site search and merchandising solutions are quickly and easily configured, and can be adjusted in the future to suit the retailer’s needs.

Think your eCommerce site could benefit from the technology driving online sales at FatFace? Visit to see how we could help your business.

Locayta SRM provides intelligent, efficient and dynamic site search and merchandising solutions – so it’s no surprise that we were selected to help optimise sales on The internet’s largest wine retailer, Everywine needed assistance in managing their huge product range and extensive customer base – and we were only too pleased to oblige.

Want to know how you, like Everywine, can get maximum value for money when it comes to site search and merchandising? Read on to learn more about the different functionalities of Locayta SRM and how they can help to boost sales.

Intelligent search

Locayta Search’s impressive technology helps to prevent failed searches and assist customers in successfully locating what they are looking for. The following functionalities are particularly important for Everywine:


  • Auto-complete predictive search – Everywine pride themselves in their ‘hard-to’find’ wines. As the name suggests, these are not necessarily wines that customers will be desperately familiar with, and they may only have come across them on a single occasion previously. Auto-complete predictive search removes the need for the customer to accurately type the full name of the wine – all they need to know is the first couple of letters and Locayta Search does the rest of the work for them.
  • Guided navigation – there are 36,000 products on offer on the Everywine site – potentially making shopping a rather daunting experience. Locayta SRM’s intelligent guided navigation system allows customers to narrow down search results by colour, country, region, grape and bottle size – removing the need to trawl through irrelevant products.


Behavioural merchandising

Locayta Search learns from customer behaviour in order to optimise sales. This is particularly important for Everywine, who cater for different customers (those who purchase by the bottle, and those who purchase by the case). In order to increase conversion rates, Everywine use Locayta Search’s powerful technology to push single bottles to the top of the list for certain search terms, and cases for others. This flexible approach to sales resulted in an increase of 26.21% spend over Christmas 2010 – a pretty impressive figure.


Cross-selling functionality is a good way to increase average spend and improve site revenue. Locayta SRM provides Everywine with a real-time cross-sell strategy based on user behaviour.  A particularly successful strategy involved the option to purchase single bottles after buying a case – this resulted in an increase of average spend per case by 8.6%, with per customer spend averaging significantly higher.

Visual Merchandising

Locayta Visual Merchandising engages customers and encourages sales, help to optimise site performance. Typically, this is done through the use of customised banners and pages, as well as through product presentation.

Locayta SRM’s visual merchandising technology helps Everywine to target users with banners showing offers specific to the type of wine they are looking for. This captures the customer’s attention and encourages them to make a purchase, thus increasing conversion rates.

Impressed? You can read more on our Everywine page. Alternatively, visit for further information on our services, in addition to helpful demos.

Although our client list features names such as Boohoo and Superdry, Locayta SRM doesn’t just power search and merchandising for fashion eCommerce sites. Our impressive technology is used by a variety of different businesses, including Everywine, Nectar, BT Directories and In this post we will focus on the different functionalities driving sales on the British Museum’s eCommerce site.

Here are some of the features that make the British Museum’s online store a successful retail site:

A powerful system of spell correction

Poor search functionality leads to failed searches, frustrated customers and disappointing sales figures. To avoid all of these things, the British Museum chooses to use Locayta Search’s superior search engine to help customers find what they are looking for.

One of the features that distinguishes Locayta Search from its competitors is our powerful spell checker. Using an intelligent system of algorithms instead of a dictionary-based approach, Locayta Spell Correction has much fewer limitations than other search engines, and therefore delivers much more efficient results.

Locayta Search’s spell checking technology has been specially developed to recognise misspelled and mistyped search terms, even when the first letter of the word has been wrongly entered. This clever functionality can be seen in action on the British Museum Store’s website: a search for ‘ghess’, which would flummox most dictionary-based spell checkers, is able to accurately return search results for products related to ‘chess’.

Relevant product recommendations

Locayta Product Recommendations are an important tool when it comes to engaging the customer. By making recommendations, the retailer can help the customer to locate relevant products that they might not otherwise have searched for, improving the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates.

The British Museum Store displays product recommendations at a number of different stages during the site journey, encouraging the user to investigate other items that may be relevant to them. These recommendations take account of collective user behaviour as well as the journey of the individual. Suggestions are displayed in the following forms:

  • Recently viewed items
  • Most popular products
  • ‘You may also like…’

Suggestions like these expose the customer to a greater range of products, increasing the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Impressive visual merchandising

Good visual merchandising strategies are vital to a successful eCommerce business. The way in which page elements and products are displayed can have a huge impact on the user’s shopping experience, and therefore also on sales. Locayta Visual Merchandising is a quick and efficient way of drawing customers in and making your site stand out from others in the market.

The British Museum Store features a customised homepage which is relevant to the museum’s current exhibition – helping to engage customers and encourage them to shop.

Looking to make your eCommerce site as efficient as the British Museum’s? For more information on good site search and merchandising practice, visit

Locayta SRM powers the site search, visual merchandising and product recommendations of a number of influential eCommerce sites. Amongst our clients are companies such as Boohoo, FatFace, Nectar, Everywine and Tesco. In this post we will focus on the technology driving sales on popular fashion retail site

Superdry selected Locayta SRM over other companies as the most suitable merchandising platform to handle site search and online merchandising for its UK commerce site. The company also uses Locayta SRM to drive merchandising on several of its European retail sites.

So how exactly does Locayta SRM help Superdry to optimise sales? Here are some of the features that make the Superdry site so successful:

Accurate spell correction

Many retail sites are let down by their poor search functionality. Often, spelling mistakes or typing errors lead to a failed search, meaning that customers are unable to find what they are looking for. Locayta Search’s superior system of spell correction uses algorithms instead of a simple dictionary-based approach, helping to reduce failed searches and to locate a product even when the first letter of the word is mistyped.

For example, if a customer accidentally types the word ‘press’ into the search box on Superdry’s site, our sophisticated spell checking functionality will soon realise that there are no product names featuring this word. The search results that are brought up will instead display product names featuring the word ‘dress’, which is most likely to be what the customer was actually trying to search for.

Guided navigation

It can be confusing to be faced with a large number of products all at once. Many customers have something specific in mind when they visit an eCommerce site – our intelligent system of guided navigation helps them to track that product down more easily.

Providing users with refinement options to help them drill down to products that are relevant to them, our guided navigation menus provide a personalised shopping experience. On Superdry’s website, for example, it is possible to refine a search by size, colour and price – saving valuable time.

Product recommendation

Product recommendations are a simple yet effective way of engaging the customer and improving conversion rates. There are a number of different ways in which suggestions can be made, from direct retailer recommendations to examples of products other users showed interest in.

Superdry chooses to display ‘recently viewed products’ at the bottom of each product page, reminding the customer of items that they have previously been interested in and encouraging them to make  a purchase.

Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is key to making a business stand out. Whether you choose to make your site enticing through the inclusion of personalised promotion banners or carefully considered homepages, Locayta Merchandising can help you do so quickly and effectively.

Superdry attracts customers using the homepage and the ‘mens’ and ‘womens’ pages. These change according to the time of year, for example by displaying knitwear as Autumn and Winter draw near.

Inspired by Superdry to improve your eCommerce site? Visit for more tips on how to make your online business successful.

Locayta SRM has an impressive client list including BT Directories, The British Museum, Nectar,, Superdry and Tesco Clothing. In this post, we will focus on the innovative technology driving sales at online fashion retail giant

Boohoo chose Locayta SRM over a number of competitors, as our flexible, dynamic and easily configurable solutions best suited their online merchandising and site search needs. It was particularly important to Boohoo that they should be able to personalise the merchandising of their products to cater for different target audiences. We were more than happy to help them achieve this aim.

Boohoo is one of the top ten online retailers in the UK, and an extremely successful eCommerce business. Want to learn how your business could also become successful? Here are some of the features driving sales at Boohoo:

Advanced guided navigation

Locayta Site Search’s intelligent guided navigation functionality allows consumers to refine their search using different options known as facets. Boohoo customers are able to narrow down search results by:

  • Category, for example clearance items
  • Colour (this can be done by choosing from different colour swatches)
  • Size
  • Price. There is a price slider on the site, which can be used to ensure that search results display only products within a specified price range.


All of these facets enable Boohoo to achieve the best possible visual merchandising display, as well as helping the customer to quickly find the products that they are looking for. The result is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, in addition to excellent conversion rates and optimised revenue.

Dynamic user based recommendations

Locayta Recommendations gathers information about collective and individual customer behaviour on and uses this to generate relevant product recommendations. These can be displayed in the form of:

  • A ‘recently viewed’ display of product items
  • ‘Stylist recommendations’, designed to assist in promoting certain products
  • A ‘customers who viewed this, also viewed…’ format


Locayta Product recommendations not only assists customers in finding the products that are right for them, thus increasing the probability of purchase – it also provides an element of expertise, optimising the overall shopping experience.

Rules based merchandising

Locayta Merchandising’s unique control panel allows Boohoo to skew search results using a product weighting system. This allows Boohoo to alter their merchandising strategy according to factors such as the time of day or year, or the levels of stock available. By skewing search results, Boohoo are able to reach a variety of different customers and to push particular products, thus ensuring that they succeed in their sales objectives.

Complex interactive templates

At Locayta SRM, we believe that online shopping should be made as easy as possible. Visitors to are able to preview product options, such as colour and fabric type, without navigating away from the page they are on. Available throughout the user’s site journey, this feature removes the stress from searching and browsing – increasing customer satisfaction and, as a result, customer loyalty.

Want to take advantage of the site search, product recommendation and visual merchandising technology used by Visit and find out how our innovative solutions could improve your online retail business.

Growing online sales

In eCommerce, a successful business person is one who is constantly working to build their customer base, increase their conversion rates, improve their revenue and grow their online sales. With large clients including Tesco Clothing, Boohoo, Superdry and the British Museum Store, we’re in a good position to advise you on how to optimise your retail site. Here are our top tips for efficient online sales growth:

Use a fast and accurate method of site search

It’s all very well developing sophisticated sales strategies, but you’re unlikely to make much progress if your search engine is letting you down. Failed searches and complicated systems of navigation lead to customer fatigue and minimal sales growth.

Want superior site search technology that can meet all your sales needs? Locayta Search provides:

  • A powerful system of spell correction that identifies errors and helps to prevent failed searches


Implement real-time product recommendations

Adding Locayta Product Recommendations to your site can help to connect customers with products that they might not otherwise have come across. By generating relevant product suggestions, our recommendation technology encourages users to make a purchase, boosting sales by up to 45%.

So why are Locayta Product Recommendations better than the rest? Well, we offer:

  • A system that is flexible, simple to configure and easy to amend
  • Real-time recommendations that adjust according to site activity
  • Technology that learns from individual and collective behaviour to ensure that recommendations are helpful and relevant


Develop a powerful visual merchandising strategy

One of the keys to a successful eCommerce business is visual merchandising. Helping to engage customer interest and encourage brand loyalty, a powerful visual display can dramatically increase sales.

Locayta Visual Merchandising takes the display of visual elements very seriously. We provide a variety of different features that can help optimise the presentation of your site and prevent stagnant sales figures. These include:


Want to learn more about how Locayta SRM could help you to grow your online sales? Visit for details and demos.

A well-designed visual merchandising strategy is one of the best ways to optimise your eCommerce site and ensure sales growth for your online business. Unfortunately, many people overlook this important area and focus on other, less pressing concerns. Want to know why visual merchandising is key to success? Read on to discover more about page display, product display and personalisation.

What’s so important about visual merchandising?

If you walked into a shop that had dull displays, no promotions and unappealing product arrangements, you’d probably turn around and walk out again fairly quickly. What many people fail to realise is that the same is true of online retail. Whilst eCommerce sites don’t have a physical space for the customer to step inside, they still need to work hard to draw the user in and prevent them from leaving.

Successful visual merchandising provides eye-catching displays and engaging promotions, helping to attract – and hold – the customer’s attention. A good visual merchandising strategy will improve conversion rates, optimise sales and increase revenue.

What features does Locayta Visual Merchandising provide?

Locayta Visual Merchandising provides a number of features designed to help you make your site appeal to prospective and returning customers. These include:

  • Promotional banners – Want to excite customers with a particular product or deal? Locayata Visual Merchandising can help you to implement promotional page banners, drawing users in and encouraging them to make a purchase. Our sophisticated technology means that you can select different banners to appear according to the user’s behaviour – e.g. using product category as a trigger.
  • Customised homepages – Just as a shop’s window display changes throughout the year, so a successful website adjusts to reflect important dates in the sales calendar. Using Locayta Visual Merchandising, you can customise different areas of your site to help you achieve your sales targets – e.g. by displaying a date-triggered seasonal homepage prior to holidays such as Easter and Christmas.
  • Product display – Good organisation is an important skill whatever line of business you are in, but it’s particularly vital in eCommerce. Ensuring that products are grouped with other relevant items makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for, as well as making it simpler for you, the retailer, to reach the customer. Locayta Visual Merchandising uses unique balancing technology to sequence product display according to specific site metrics – helping to promote specific products as well as to target users pragmatically.
  • Brand management – Work with lots of different brands? Locayta Visual Merchandising’s brand adjacency functionality helps to keep products from the same brand together, whilst separating brands that you would prefer to keep apart. This makes it much easier to manage a large number of products, and helps to avoid your site looking disorganised or unprofessional.

What to learn more about the impact that our visual merchandising technology could have on your business? Visit for further information and demos.

Efficient product recommendations are an important feature of any successful online retail business. A key marketing tool, product recommendations help to improve conversion rates, increase revenue and maximise sales.

Not sure where to begin when adding product recommendations to your site? We understand the importance of ensuring that all recommendations are dynamic, personalised and flexible. Here’s how Locayta Recommendations could help to drive online sales growth for your business:

Relevant product suggestions

Wondering exactly what Locayta Recommendations does? It’s simple. Our specially developed technology learns from collective and individual user behaviour in order to determine which products are most likely to interest a particular customer. Relevant product recommendations can then be generated, removing the need for that customer to conduct lengthy searches to find what they are looking for. Often, product reccomendations will encourage a customer to buy a product they might not otherwise have searched for – boosting sales and improving overall revenue.

Real-time recommendations

Locayta Recommendations are constantly updated, helping to ensure relevance and engage user interest. This intelligent real-time technology learns from a user’s actions whilst they shop – allowing it to suggest relevant products at different stages during the site journey. The result? An improved retail experience for the customer, and a higher chance of conversion.

Technology that learns from user behaviour

Locayta Recommendations not only learns from individual and collective customer behaviour, but is also able to understand the relationship between different products. Using this knowledge, our impressive technology implements cross-sell and up-sell techniques to make personalised recommendations to the customer. These suggestions can be made at any time during the shopping process, from home page to check out.

Want to see Locayta Recommendations in action? We power the product recommendations on popular eCommerce site For more information on the dynamic recommendations that Boohoo have chosen to implement, as well as the other functionalities that we provide them with, visit our Boohoo page.

A flexible solution

Looking for a system of making product recommendations that is quickly configured and easily amendable?  Locayta Recommendations’ sophisticated algorithms update automatically to reflect changes in user behaviour and site activity. The algorithms can be altered at any time from the Locayta SRM control panel, giving you plenty of flexibility.

Want to learn more about Locayta Product Recommendations and what they could do for your business? Head to for further information and demos.

As site search and merchandising experts, we pride ourselves on providing answers. The Locayta blog and website hold many of the answers you may be looking for when it comes to improving your business. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions – designed to save you time and help to direct you to the right place.

What’s the best method of making product recommendations?

Real-time product recommendations are an important feature of a successful retail site. Locayta Recommendations help customers to find the products that are relevant to them. Want to find out more? Read our article on product recommendation technology, or visit our website’s product recommendation page.

Why is visual merchandising important?

Impressive products are not enough by themselves – you also need to use a powerful visual merchandising strategy to ensure healthy sales. Our article on the best visual merchandising practice makes interesting reading for anyone looking to improve their eCommerce site, and we also have plenty of information on our visual merchandising page.

What can I do to prevent failed searches?

Fed up with your current search engine? If you want to prevent failed searches in the future, take a look at our spell correction and predictive type-ahead pages for more information about these impressive functionalities.

How can I manage multiple brands on my site?

If you sell products made by different brands, you’ll know that keeping them organised can be a struggle. Our brand adjacency functionality helps to keep products that belong to one brand together, whilst separating certain brands according to the retailer’s sales strategy. Discover more about this useful tool on our brand adjacency page.

Should my business have an M-commerce app?

There’s a simple answer to this one – yes! Technology is constantly changing, and companies who can’t provide their services to customers on the move will quickly fall behind. To learn more, read our M-Commerce article or visit the Locayta M-Commerce page.

How can I control search results?

It’s important to us to provide our clients with the flexibility and control that they are looking for. We like to have a hands on approach to our business, and we’re sure that you do too. Our unique balancing technology helps you to sequence search results according to your personalised sales goals – you can read more about it on the Balance Factor page.

What search and merchandising technology do Boohoo use?

Locayta SRM powers the search and merchandising functionalities of fashion retail giant Want to know their secrets? Have a look at our site’s Boohoo page to learn what features we provide this successful eCommerce business with.

How can guided navigation improve my eCommerce site?

One of the best ways to reduce user fatigue and increase customer loyalty is to implement an easy to use system of site navigation. Our intelligent guided navigation helps customers to locate the items they are looking for without wasting important time. Think this might benefit your business? Have a look at our guided navigation page for more details.

Where can I find a site search and visual merchandising demo?

We’ve got a variety of demos on our site, designed to help you decide which services are right for your business. Visit the demo page to learn more about our 5 layers of merchandising.

Got a question that’s not mentioned here? There’s plenty of more information to be found on our blog, as well as at