In order to be successful in eCommerce, it is important to ensure that your site stands out from those of your competitors. If customers find your site uninspiring or difficult to use, they will quickly leave and will be unlikely to visit again. This will result in low conversion rates, poor sales and a business that fails to grow.

Worried about your online retail business? Don’t panic. We can help to ensure that customers are impressed by your eCommerce site and willing to remain loyal to your brand. Below are some common complaints from users of online retail sites, along with guidance on how to avoid them:

The site is confusing to use

It can be hard for users to locate the products they are interested in, especially if a site has lots of stock. Locayta Search’s intelligent guided navigation framework allows customers to filter out the products that are not relevant to them and to focus on those that are. Examples of refinement options include category, brand, price range, colour and size – all helping the user to narrow down their search.

I can’t find what I’m looking for

Although most eCommerce sites operate search engines to prevent customers from having to sift through stock manually, many users still encounter frustrating problems. Most spell checkers do not have the ability to cope with some of the most frequently produced search errors – leading to a high number of failed searches. Locayta Site Search operates a sophisticated system of spell checking that can even identify a product when the first letter provided is incorrect.

In addition to its impressive spell checking functionality, Locayta Site Search provides a system of auto-complete predictive search – helping customers to find the product they are looking for as soon as they begin typing its name. By allowing users to select from certain suggestions rather than having to type the full product name, the auto-complete predictive search helps to minimise errors and reduce the likelihood of failed searches.

To discover more about how spelling errors could be needlessly affecting your eCommerce site, read our article on spelling mistakes and sales.

The site isn’t eye-catching enough

You may have the best products in the world, but if your site doesn’t look appealing enough, nobody will buy them. A site that doesn’t capture a user’s attention will not remain in their mind, and will be unlikely to receive any visits from them in the future.

Locayta Visual Merchandising enhances page display, using promotional banners and targeted homepages to draw customers in. It also draws on unique Balance Factor technology to allow retailers to sequence products in the manner that will appeal most to their customers.

For more information on how our visual merchandising strategies could help you and your business, read our article on customising page display or visit our online demo.

I can’t use the site easily on my iPhone

These days, many people are looking to get their shopping done whilst they are on the move. If you can’t offer your customers the ability to browse your site easily whilst out and about, then you could be losing out on sales. Locayata M-commerce uses the iPhone platform to provide businesses with a quick, easy and cost-effective way to extend their online presence. You can discover more by reading our article on M-Commerce.

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