Want the best possible search and merchandising solutions for your company, but not yet found a provider whose technology is dynamic and innovative enough to meet your needs? If you are looking for a sophisticated alternative to Endeca and SLI Systems, you’ve come to the right place.

Locayta SRM provides an innovative service that can’t be beaten on efficiency or flexibility. Here are just some of the features that mark us out as a superior provider of site search and merchandising solutions:

Locayta Site Search

Intelligent – Locayta Site Search operates intelligent spell checking and auto-complete predictive search functions that help users to find what they are looking for quicker – regardless of misspellings. We are particularly proud of our powerful and innovative spell checker, which can cope with errors most dictionary-based spell check systems would be floored by.

Pragmatic – Our unique Balance Factor technology allows retailers to sequence search results according to specific site metrics. This can help you to respond pragmatically to customer behaviour, for example by adjusting search results to reach different markets at different times of the day.

Personalised – Locayta Search’s intelligent guided navigation system allows customers to refine their search according to the criteria that interest them – so that they don’t have to wade through pages of irrelevant products.

Locayta Product Recommendations

Dynamic – Once configured, Locayta Product Recommendations’ sophisticated algorithms operate automatically, with real-time updates produced in accordance with user behaviour.

Efficient – Locayta Product Recommendations make suggestions to customers based on their own user journey, on collective user behaviour and on the sales strategy of the retailer. These product recommendations can be made at any point during the shopping experience, from the home page to the check out – drawing the customer’s attention to relevant products that they might not otherwise have come across.

Easy to use – Locayta Product Recommendations can be configured to operate entirely automatically – alternatively, if you want to take a more hands-on approach, you can amendments in the user-friendly Locayta SRM control panel.

Locayta Visual Merchandising

Powerful – We know that effective visual merchandising often holds the key to successful sales. Locayta Visual Merchandising works by drawing the customer in and engaging them, leading to an increased conversion rate and improved revenue.

Eye-catching – Locayta Visual Merchandising optimises page display on eCommerce sites through  attention-grabbing features such as activity-triggered banners and date-triggered home pages. It also uses specially developed balancing technology to help ensure that the sequencing of products is appealing to the customer.

Flexible – Our innovative visual merchandising technology can be implemented and managed using the Locayta SRM control panel – making it a highly flexible solution.

Sound more appealing than the options offered by Endeca or SLI Systems? To learn more about Locayta SRM and why it is the only serious solution to your eCommerce problems, visit www.locayta.com.