The past year has seen the number of shoppers on Britain’s high streets drop by a worrying 2.6%. Wales in particular was badly affected, with a staggering 9% drop in consumer numbers – whilst the West Midlands and the east of England also experienced declines of over 6%. Even Greater London was unable to escape the trend, with 1% fewer consumers visiting stores between May and July than had been the case 12 months earlier.

According to Stephen Robertson, director general of the British Retail Consortium, who published these unsettling statistics, there are a variety of concerns that are prompting people to stay clear of the high street. High inflation, low wage growth and uncertain job prospects are all contributing to reduced household spending.

Diane Werhle, research director at Springboard, the company that compiled the statistics on behalf of BRC, adds that ease of access is no longer necessarily enough to guarantee sales. Retail parks and malls used to outperform the high street for reasons of convenience, but are now finding themselves in a similar position to town centres.

Worried about your eCommerce business? In light of the spending trends of 2011, even online retail companies need to do everything they can to ensure successful sales. Luckily, Locayta SRM is on hand to help you maximise your site’s potential and increase your revenue, in spite of the current economic climate. Here’s how:

Site search solutions

Locayta Site Search uses impressive technology to help improve customer satisfaction and click-through rates. Our intelligent navigation system helps customers to refine their search, whilst our predictive type ahead and spell check functionalities reduce the chance of a failed search.

Want to control search results? With Locayta Site Search it’s simple. Our unique Balance Factor technology allows retailers to adjust search results in line with metrics such as popularity, stock availability and newness to site.

The result? Happy customers who are able to find what they want quickly and easily, leading to improved conversion rates and higher sales figures.

Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising
is a method of engaging customer interest – something which becomes particularly important when financial difficulties are making people reluctant to spend. A compelling display can make the difference between a customer entering a shop and passing on by; the same can be applied to eCommerce sites.

Locayta Merchandising provides a powerful yet flexible solution to your visual merchandising needs. Our merchandising functionality can be configured to run either automatically or in conjunction with manual merchandising.

Using Locayta Visual Merchandising, you can make sure your site is as appealing as possible. Our technology can help to customise your banners and homepage, changing page elements according to different behavioural or date triggers. Our specially developed Balance Factor technology can also help you to sequence product display according to you own personalised sales strategy.

Product recommendations

Carefully placed product recommendations can be key to making a sale. Locayta Recommendations operate in real-time, making suggestions based on collective and individual user behaviour. Our recommendations help customers to discover relevant products that they might not otherwise have come across – making their journey on the site more satisfactory for them and for the retailer.

Once configured, Locayta Product Recommendations operate automatically. Whilst you concentrate on running other aspects of the business, our product recommendations will engage customer interest, increasing conversion rates and increasing revenue.

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