Is poor site search functionality holding your eCommerce business back? Increasing conversion rates and improving revenue is easy with Locayta SRM’s intelligent site search solutions. Read on for some examples of common problems experienced by online retailers, in addition to information on how Locayta Search can help to solve them.

I want to prevent failed searches

Failed searches cause a large number of online businesses to lose revenue unnecessarily. Do spelling mistakes or typing errors prevent your customers from finding the products they are looking for? An efficient system of spell-checking could be exactly what you need to boost your sales.

Locayta Site Search offers clients:

  • Accurate spell-correction, helping to find the product a customer is interested in even when the product name is mistyped
  • Predictive type-ahead functionality, which helps to minimise errors and therefore reduce the likelihood of failed searches


I want to sequence search results

If you have only limited control over your search results, you will find that your business suffers. The ability to sequence search results according to particular goals allows you to increase sales and maximise profit. It can also help you to respond pragmatically to user trends.

Locayta Search’s unique Balance Factor technology allows you to skew search results according to criteria such as popularity, profit margin and stock availability. This is done by setting a percentage value for each metric (0% indicates that results are not skewed at all, 100% skews results so that they are entirely ordered according to that field). This hands on approach to controlling search results can help you to run your eCommerce site in a more efficient and flexible manner.

I want to make site navigation easier

One of the main causes of customer fatigue is a poor navigation framework. If customers find it difficult or time-consuming to locate the products they are interested in, they will often give up.

Locayta Site Search’s intelligent system of guided navigation helps to make the shopping experience quicker, easier and more enjoyable. By narrowing down their search results according to criteria such as colour, size or brand, users are able to find the items that are relevant to them. For the customers, this means a more pleasant site journey; for the retailer, it means increased customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

I want my system of site search to learn from user behaviour

Struggling with an inefficient search engine that fails to connect customers to the right products? If you are using a basic method of site search, the chances are it isn’t sophisticated enough to meet your needs.

Locayta Site Search is a superior search engine which learns from individual and collective user behaviour. It also understands the relationships between products, allowing cross-sell and up-sell recommendations to be made at any point during a user’s journey on the site.

Impressed? Locayta SRM isn’t just able to help you with site search – it can also provide the solutions to your merchandising problems. You can find out more about these unique services at