Efficient product recommendations are an important feature of any successful online retail business. A key marketing tool, product recommendations help to improve conversion rates, increase revenue and maximise sales.

Not sure where to begin when adding product recommendations to your site? We understand the importance of ensuring that all recommendations are dynamic, personalised and flexible. Here’s how Locayta Recommendations could help to drive online sales growth for your business:

Relevant product suggestions

Wondering exactly what Locayta Recommendations does? It’s simple. Our specially developed technology learns from collective and individual user behaviour in order to determine which products are most likely to interest a particular customer. Relevant product recommendations can then be generated, removing the need for that customer to conduct lengthy searches to find what they are looking for. Often, product reccomendations will encourage a customer to buy a product they might not otherwise have searched for – boosting sales and improving overall revenue.

Real-time recommendations

Locayta Recommendations are constantly updated, helping to ensure relevance and engage user interest. This intelligent real-time technology learns from a user’s actions whilst they shop – allowing it to suggest relevant products at different stages during the site journey. The result? An improved retail experience for the customer, and a higher chance of conversion.

Technology that learns from user behaviour

Locayta Recommendations not only learns from individual and collective customer behaviour, but is also able to understand the relationship between different products. Using this knowledge, our impressive technology implements cross-sell and up-sell techniques to make personalised recommendations to the customer. These suggestions can be made at any time during the shopping process, from home page to check out.

Want to see Locayta Recommendations in action? We power the product recommendations on popular eCommerce site Boohoo.com. For more information on the dynamic recommendations that Boohoo have chosen to implement, as well as the other functionalities that we provide them with, visit our Boohoo page.

A flexible solution

Looking for a system of making product recommendations that is quickly configured and easily amendable?  Locayta Recommendations’ sophisticated algorithms update automatically to reflect changes in user behaviour and site activity. The algorithms can be altered at any time from the Locayta SRM control panel, giving you plenty of flexibility.

Want to learn more about Locayta Product Recommendations and what they could do for your business? Head to www.locayta.com for further information and demos.