A well-designed visual merchandising strategy is one of the best ways to optimise your eCommerce site and ensure sales growth for your online business. Unfortunately, many people overlook this important area and focus on other, less pressing concerns. Want to know why visual merchandising is key to success? Read on to discover more about page display, product display and personalisation.

What’s so important about visual merchandising?

If you walked into a shop that had dull displays, no promotions and unappealing product arrangements, you’d probably turn around and walk out again fairly quickly. What many people fail to realise is that the same is true of online retail. Whilst eCommerce sites don’t have a physical space for the customer to step inside, they still need to work hard to draw the user in and prevent them from leaving.

Successful visual merchandising provides eye-catching displays and engaging promotions, helping to attract – and hold – the customer’s attention. A good visual merchandising strategy will improve conversion rates, optimise sales and increase revenue.

What features does Locayta Visual Merchandising provide?

Locayta Visual Merchandising provides a number of features designed to help you make your site appeal to prospective and returning customers. These include:

  • Promotional banners – Want to excite customers with a particular product or deal? Locayata Visual Merchandising can help you to implement promotional page banners, drawing users in and encouraging them to make a purchase. Our sophisticated technology means that you can select different banners to appear according to the user’s behaviour – e.g. using product category as a trigger.
  • Customised homepages – Just as a shop’s window display changes throughout the year, so a successful website adjusts to reflect important dates in the sales calendar. Using Locayta Visual Merchandising, you can customise different areas of your site to help you achieve your sales targets – e.g. by displaying a date-triggered seasonal homepage prior to holidays such as Easter and Christmas.
  • Product display – Good organisation is an important skill whatever line of business you are in, but it’s particularly vital in eCommerce. Ensuring that products are grouped with other relevant items makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for, as well as making it simpler for you, the retailer, to reach the customer. Locayta Visual Merchandising uses unique balancing technology to sequence product display according to specific site metrics – helping to promote specific products as well as to target users pragmatically.
  • Brand management – Work with lots of different brands? Locayta Visual Merchandising’s brand adjacency functionality helps to keep products from the same brand together, whilst separating brands that you would prefer to keep apart. This makes it much easier to manage a large number of products, and helps to avoid your site looking disorganised or unprofessional.

What to learn more about the impact that our visual merchandising technology could have on your business? Visit www.locayata.com for further information and demos.