In eCommerce, a successful business person is one who is constantly working to build their customer base, increase their conversion rates, improve their revenue and grow their online sales. With large clients including Tesco Clothing, Boohoo, Superdry and the British Museum Store, we’re in a good position to advise you on how to optimise your retail site. Here are our top tips for efficient online sales growth:

Use a fast and accurate method of site search

It’s all very well developing sophisticated sales strategies, but you’re unlikely to make much progress if your search engine is letting you down. Failed searches and complicated systems of navigation lead to customer fatigue and minimal sales growth.

Want superior site search technology that can meet all your sales needs? Locayta Search provides:

  • A powerful system of spell correction that identifies errors and helps to prevent failed searches


Implement real-time product recommendations

Adding Locayta Product Recommendations to your site can help to connect customers with products that they might not otherwise have come across. By generating relevant product suggestions, our recommendation technology encourages users to make a purchase, boosting sales by up to 45%.

So why are Locayta Product Recommendations better than the rest? Well, we offer:

  • A system that is flexible, simple to configure and easy to amend
  • Real-time recommendations that adjust according to site activity
  • Technology that learns from individual and collective behaviour to ensure that recommendations are helpful and relevant


Develop a powerful visual merchandising strategy

One of the keys to a successful eCommerce business is visual merchandising. Helping to engage customer interest and encourage brand loyalty, a powerful visual display can dramatically increase sales.

Locayta Visual Merchandising takes the display of visual elements very seriously. We provide a variety of different features that can help optimise the presentation of your site and prevent stagnant sales figures. These include:


Want to learn more about how Locayta SRM could help you to grow your online sales? Visit for details and demos.