Locayta SRM has an impressive client list including BT Directories, The British Museum, Nectar, Osoyou.com, Superdry and Tesco Clothing. In this post, we will focus on the innovative technology driving sales at online fashion retail giant Boohoo.com.

Boohoo chose Locayta SRM over a number of competitors, as our flexible, dynamic and easily configurable solutions best suited their online merchandising and site search needs. It was particularly important to Boohoo that they should be able to personalise the merchandising of their products to cater for different target audiences. We were more than happy to help them achieve this aim.

Boohoo is one of the top ten online retailers in the UK, and an extremely successful eCommerce business. Want to learn how your business could also become successful? Here are some of the features driving sales at Boohoo:

Advanced guided navigation

Locayta Site Search’s intelligent guided navigation functionality allows consumers to refine their search using different options known as facets. Boohoo customers are able to narrow down search results by:

  • Category, for example clearance items
  • Colour (this can be done by choosing from different colour swatches)
  • Size
  • Price. There is a price slider on the site, which can be used to ensure that search results display only products within a specified price range.


All of these facets enable Boohoo to achieve the best possible visual merchandising display, as well as helping the customer to quickly find the products that they are looking for. The result is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, in addition to excellent conversion rates and optimised revenue.

Dynamic user based recommendations

Locayta Recommendations gathers information about collective and individual customer behaviour on Boohoo.com and uses this to generate relevant product recommendations. These can be displayed in the form of:

  • A ‘recently viewed’ display of product items
  • ‘Stylist recommendations’, designed to assist in promoting certain products
  • A ‘customers who viewed this, also viewed…’ format


Locayta Product recommendations not only assists customers in finding the products that are right for them, thus increasing the probability of purchase – it also provides an element of expertise, optimising the overall shopping experience.

Rules based merchandising

Locayta Merchandising’s unique control panel allows Boohoo to skew search results using a product weighting system. This allows Boohoo to alter their merchandising strategy according to factors such as the time of day or year, or the levels of stock available. By skewing search results, Boohoo are able to reach a variety of different customers and to push particular products, thus ensuring that they succeed in their sales objectives.

Complex interactive templates

At Locayta SRM, we believe that online shopping should be made as easy as possible. Visitors to Boohoo.com are able to preview product options, such as colour and fabric type, without navigating away from the page they are on. Available throughout the user’s site journey, this feature removes the stress from searching and browsing – increasing customer satisfaction and, as a result, customer loyalty.

Want to take advantage of the site search, product recommendation and visual merchandising technology used by Boohoo.com? Visit www.locayta.com and find out how our innovative solutions could improve your online retail business.