Locayta SRM powers the site search, visual merchandising and product recommendations of a number of influential eCommerce sites. Amongst our clients are companies such as Boohoo, FatFace, Nectar, Everywine and Tesco. In this post we will focus on the technology driving sales on popular fashion retail site superdry.com.

Superdry selected Locayta SRM over other companies as the most suitable merchandising platform to handle site search and online merchandising for its UK commerce site. The company also uses Locayta SRM to drive merchandising on several of its European retail sites.

So how exactly does Locayta SRM help Superdry to optimise sales? Here are some of the features that make the Superdry site so successful:

Accurate spell correction

Many retail sites are let down by their poor search functionality. Often, spelling mistakes or typing errors lead to a failed search, meaning that customers are unable to find what they are looking for. Locayta Search’s superior system of spell correction uses algorithms instead of a simple dictionary-based approach, helping to reduce failed searches and to locate a product even when the first letter of the word is mistyped.

For example, if a customer accidentally types the word ‘press’ into the search box on Superdry’s site, our sophisticated spell checking functionality will soon realise that there are no product names featuring this word. The search results that are brought up will instead display product names featuring the word ‘dress’, which is most likely to be what the customer was actually trying to search for.

Guided navigation

It can be confusing to be faced with a large number of products all at once. Many customers have something specific in mind when they visit an eCommerce site – our intelligent system of guided navigation helps them to track that product down more easily.

Providing users with refinement options to help them drill down to products that are relevant to them, our guided navigation menus provide a personalised shopping experience. On Superdry’s website, for example, it is possible to refine a search by size, colour and price – saving valuable time.

Product recommendation

Product recommendations are a simple yet effective way of engaging the customer and improving conversion rates. There are a number of different ways in which suggestions can be made, from direct retailer recommendations to examples of products other users showed interest in.

Superdry chooses to display ‘recently viewed products’ at the bottom of each product page, reminding the customer of items that they have previously been interested in and encouraging them to make  a purchase.

Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is key to making a business stand out. Whether you choose to make your site enticing through the inclusion of personalised promotion banners or carefully considered homepages, Locayta Merchandising can help you do so quickly and effectively.

Superdry attracts customers using the homepage and the ‘mens’ and ‘womens’ pages. These change according to the time of year, for example by displaying knitwear as Autumn and Winter draw near.

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