Although our client list features names such as Boohoo and Superdry, Locayta SRM doesn’t just power search and merchandising for fashion eCommerce sites. Our impressive technology is used by a variety of different businesses, including Everywine, Nectar, BT Directories and In this post we will focus on the different functionalities driving sales on the British Museum’s eCommerce site.

Here are some of the features that make the British Museum’s online store a successful retail site:

A powerful system of spell correction

Poor search functionality leads to failed searches, frustrated customers and disappointing sales figures. To avoid all of these things, the British Museum chooses to use Locayta Search’s superior search engine to help customers find what they are looking for.

One of the features that distinguishes Locayta Search from its competitors is our powerful spell checker. Using an intelligent system of algorithms instead of a dictionary-based approach, Locayta Spell Correction has much fewer limitations than other search engines, and therefore delivers much more efficient results.

Locayta Search’s spell checking technology has been specially developed to recognise misspelled and mistyped search terms, even when the first letter of the word has been wrongly entered. This clever functionality can be seen in action on the British Museum Store’s website: a search for ‘ghess’, which would flummox most dictionary-based spell checkers, is able to accurately return search results for products related to ‘chess’.

Relevant product recommendations

Locayta Product Recommendations are an important tool when it comes to engaging the customer. By making recommendations, the retailer can help the customer to locate relevant products that they might not otherwise have searched for, improving the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates.

The British Museum Store displays product recommendations at a number of different stages during the site journey, encouraging the user to investigate other items that may be relevant to them. These recommendations take account of collective user behaviour as well as the journey of the individual. Suggestions are displayed in the following forms:

  • Recently viewed items
  • Most popular products
  • ‘You may also like…’

Suggestions like these expose the customer to a greater range of products, increasing the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Impressive visual merchandising

Good visual merchandising strategies are vital to a successful eCommerce business. The way in which page elements and products are displayed can have a huge impact on the user’s shopping experience, and therefore also on sales. Locayta Visual Merchandising is a quick and efficient way of drawing customers in and making your site stand out from others in the market.

The British Museum Store features a customised homepage which is relevant to the museum’s current exhibition – helping to engage customers and encourage them to shop.

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